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Érika de Anda Martínez, Director of Marketing and Advertising of Lotenal

“Lotteries in Mexico have a great growth opportunity”

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From what you could see from the institution, which has been the overview of the lottery, pools and betting sector during 2010, both from the business and the player point of view?
During 2010, we boosted the launch of new products as an answer to the interaction that the consumer wisher to maintain with the brand. Within the celebration of the Mexican Bicentennial and the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, a traditional game of the popular culture represented by 16 images of heroes and historical sites in a list, whose draw is broadcast by national television.

Other games released by the National Lottery of Mexico were Minumerazo.com –an online virtual series played only on Tuesdays- and Cachito Móvil- played by cell phone-which have arouse a great interest in people. These games represent new opportunities, because they are based in the application of platforms with technological innovations.

Nowadays, users are in a learning stage in order to know the new offer of products in the market. It is important to communicate the public opinion the different winning possibilities offered by the National Lottery in a proper manner, due to the support brought to public assistance.

In short, lotteries (both public and private) in Mexico have great growth opportunities, as well as the chance to attract new market segments, so an important growth is perceived with regards to online games and mobile phones.

Which are the main problems affecting your sector? Which would be the potential solutions?
On the other hand, it is important to remark that the National Lottery of Mexico has suffered an important impact in its historical tax load, specifically in the IEPS tax (Special Tax on Production and Services), so different actions have been performed as a state lottery, with the aim to optimize our resources, reducing operating and service expenses to bring punctual compliance of the norm.

With the design of innovative products with easy access to the public and bold business plans, the lotteries will achieve important changes.

What are your expectations for 2011?
Finally, 2011 appears for National Lottery as a year of consolidation for the new products launched this 2010. However, it will be necessary to keep on innovating to generate new and attractive products that lead us to attract other market segments, particularly in active draws. We will work in international projects in which consumers seem to be interested in.

In short, we will be working to expand our technological platform and to strengthen our sales force with the aim to support the federal government in the field of public assistance, allocating the resources obtained to that purpose. This aim has encouraged us for 240 years, and in 2011 we will continue innovating with the same purpose.

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