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July 27, 2021

Salvador Sánchez Abarca, Vice-Chairman of Games and Draws of NYCE

“The gaming industry in Mexico has continued its growth”

(Mexico, exclusive The main problem of the Mexican gaming industry lies in the fact that the Federal Government has not done its job properly, according to Salvador Sánchez Abarca, Vice-Chairman of Games and Draws of NYCE, entity in charge of the regulation of certifications and verifications. In this interview, he analyzes the situation of gaming in Mexico during this year and about his expectations for 2011.


rom what you could perceive from the entity, Which has been the performance of the industry during 2010?
The gaming industry in Mexico has continued its growth. There are new gambling halls in different cities. Besides, now there are more manufacturers with equipments installed in different localities and much more games. It opens the possibilities of selection of  players, and also generates new job offers, which is something beneficial for the country.
Which are the main problems that affect your sector? Which would be its potential solutions?
The main problem is that the Federal Government has not done its task well. The fact of regulating gaming and make everyone comply with the Law and the Regulation should be its main task. Unfortunately, there are no clear rules and that tends to the disorder and the appearance of gaming offers of doubtful origin. The solution is obviously to change the Law of Games and Draws and that the legal voids that the current law has are cleared.

Which is the growth margin of the Mexican market facing 2011 and why?
From my point of view, the growth may be up to 20%, considering the halls installed versus the authorizations granted.

For you, Which is the main legislative and regulatory change registered in Latin America and particularly in Mexico, during this year?
With regards to regulations, we can name the publication of the tax code published last March (some modifications have been made afterwards, but the bottom of the matter has not been changed) in which casinos are forced to report the Secretary of Economy the operations registered in each of the venues and in each of the machines installed. It caused a reconsideration of the strategies regarding TI infraestructure and the compliance with Mexican norms.

What are your expectations for 2011?
Personally, I would expect a change in the law, that establishes the same operational conditions for everyone, without exception, and to define a mandatory outline of certification and verification to bring security to the user that participates, among other aspects, in a game which is completely random.

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