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September 23, 2021

Interview to Pablo Zampolla, General Manager of Suzo Happ South America

“Mexico has been and will be the country with more growth in the following years”

(Argentina, exclusive The move of its new offices and plant to Pilar Industrial Park in the province of Buenos Aires and the launch of led panels for back light and illumination at SAGSE Buenos Aires are two of the important facts that Suzo Happ Argentina, Latin American representative of Suzo-Happ Group, can mention when making a balance of the current year. talked to Pablo Zampolla, general manager of Suzo Happ South America, who also analyzed the market situation facing 2011.


rom your experience in the company, Which has been the performance of the industry during 2010?
We have seen an improvement in 2010 and a better disposition of our customers for future business.

Which are the main problems that affect your sector and which would be the potential solutions?
We did not identify a problem in particular but a group of small complications which finally conform a problem. Some complications are custom restrictions, underinvoicing of products, difficulty to obtain financing at reasonable rates, commercialization of refurbished products, etc.   

In the markets in which you orate, Which is the one that has grown more and why?
No doubt Mexico has been and will be, for the following years, the country with more growth. It is basically due to the flexibilization of the legislation.

What product of the catalogue of the firm has generated more sales level during 2010?
Although it is not a product from the catalogue and considering the fact that, in general, almost all the products have grown with regards to previous years, the signs have contributed considerably to the company’s turnover.

Which is the country with more margin of growth facing 2011 and why?
Mexico, due to the flexibilization of the legislation, and potentially Brazil (for the same reason, in case the opening of the market is produced).

For you, Which is the most important change at a legislative and regulatory level that Latin America has experimented during 2010?
The greatest changes have been produced in Mexico and Peru.

What are your expectations for 2011?
A positive year as a continuation of the normalization verified in 2010, and with the hope to obtain a good market share in Mexico; Peru and Colombia.

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