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September 23, 2021

Interview to Andrew Cammegh and Hector Collazo

“Cammegh has experienced a huge increase in sales in the Americas during 2010”

(UK, exclusive Getting closer to the end of the year, Andrew Cammegh, director of the company, and Hector Collazo, head of firm’s distributor in Latin America, Caribbean Gaming Distributors, make a balance of 2010 in this interview with Yogonet. They highlight both the position of the company in the Americas and the good performance of its new Mercury 360 RRS in terms of sales.


aking into account what you could perceive, what has been the industry's performance during 2010?
Cammegh Ltd specialise in the manufacturing the world’s leading roulette wheels and winning number displays, as such our exposure to the whole of the gaming market is limited. But from within our particulalr niche and area of speciality, we have been kept very busy with new markets opening as well as the regulalr business from our existing customer base. So, from our perspective at least, we have seen a general upturn in operator confidence based on improved industry performance from the live gaming sector.

What are the main problems that are affecting your business? Which are their potential solutions?
Problems are opportunities by another name and solutions are how those opportunities have been realised. We are lucky enough to have built a very strong reputation for our products and services all over the world and having a global customer base brings its own challenges. Over the years licencing, exhibitions, distribution and support are areas we have addressed which has had a positive impact on our business. As such we are now successfully supplying and supporting operators in far reaching corners of the globe.

Among the markets in which you operate, which one has experienced the most notorious growth? In your opinion, what is the reason for that?
Mexico has experienced much growth and one of the reasons is due to the gaming legislation.

Which one of your products has generated a higher level of sales during 2010?
The Billboard Display has really taken off this year, when partnered with our new Mercury 360 roulette wheel the Billboard offers a superb mix of media, statistical and game result content. However, the most exciting increase in sales is attributed to the new Mercury 360 RRS (Random Rotor Speed). The Mercury 360 RRS is designed for the on-line casino market, featuring a randomly changing rotor speed for increased security, especially when the wheel is attached to a live video feed, broadcast over the internet.

Which country has more margin of growth facing the coming year? Why?
I don’t know, but we are always keeping an eye on market exspansion or new markets opening and we will position ourselves accordingly. I can tell you that 2010 saw a huge increase in sales in the Americas for Cammegh Ltd, and we expect to see this continue into 2011.

In your opinion, what is the most important change at the legislative and regulatory level that had taken place this year in Latin America?
Hector Collazo: The fact that the authorities in Mexico have allowed table games has opened a large window of opportunity to all of the existing table games equipment manufacturers and has created a greater number of new companies trying to fill the space created by these permits. I say permits because, in absence of proper legislation, all that the operators have are permits to operate table games.

Which opportunities or disadvantages generate these changes for your company?
This new development has resulted in good business opportunities for our products. We were one of the first to enter the market with one of the larger operators and that has caused a domino effect on the market as many others have followed their example. Our product speaks for itself and the fact that it is out in the field, being exposed to the market, has led to many other inquiries and sales opportunities.

What do you expect for 2011?
A continued increase in the market confidence we witnessed over the last 6 months.

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