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June 22, 2021

Nevena Aleksieva, Casino Technology’s Sales Supervisor International Markets

“We showcased a great extension of new innovations in all product categories at G2E”

(US, exclusive Nevena Aleksieva, Sales Supervisor International Markets of Casino Technology, granted an interview to in which she evaluated the participation of the firm in Las Vegas and commented its fruitful expansion in several Latin American markets. She then revealed Casino Technology plans for 2011.


ow do you evaluate your participation in G2E?
Generally, we are quite satisfied by this year’s G2E. It helped us very much to establish our strategy for 2011 towards the US and Latin American markets, which constantly make bigger and more important part from our global expansion as a company.

The recent presence of our products in California is quite promising and our distributors have scheduled a number of installations for the next 6-12 months. So G2E helped us to confirm our strategic plan for developing and complying our latest products for the Indian casino market. Of course we had the chance also to present the latest developments to more new customers, which were intrigued by what we have to offer to this market.

We also had very fruitful time regarding our expansion in Latin America where we have constant presence in more than 10 countries for 6 years now. Our partnering companies there are constantly giving us up-to-date information about customers needs in the region, which helps us to present a range of new games releases following the latest trends in the region. So, as a result we are back from G2E with a range of closed deals with new partners for upcoming installations in Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Argentina and Mexico.

What was the feedback from visitors and customers? What was their response to your products and new launches?
We showcased a really great extension of new releases and innovations in all product categories, including video-slot games, multi-games, slot machines, jackpot systems and advanced casino applications and the visitors seemed to be mostly intrigued by the graphic appearance of the new series, along with the plenty of the new titles and themes. Really the booth floor couldn’t accommodate all the novelties we wanted to demonstrate. Most of the visitors seemed to be impressed by our latest Game Suits Motormania,  Falcon Heroes and Gamopolis – City of Games, which are featuring full extension of product modules adding to the complete experience for the player, such as – game themes, supported by powerful jackpot visualizations, accommodated in comfortable and multi-functional slot machines, with a range of additional interactive applications. 

How did you see this edition regarding G2E 2009? In your opinion, did the show demonstrate a recovery from de global crisis?
There was a huge difference to last year. The 2010 edition of G2E was much busier. Most of all we noticed that at our own booth as the whole Sales team didn’t have even one free minute. 

How was this year for your company? Which are your plans for next year?
During the year we still were in quite hard conditions as a result from the global crisis, which in the Eastern Europe abates slower than the rest of the world.

Our way to recover was to develop distinguishing game titles and video slot software adjusted to market preferences and responding to different players' profiles applicable to different markets all over the world.

For the first half of 2010 the games library of Casino Technology has been supplemented by 40 brand new titles and 4 multi-games. The extended variety of games smartly tailored to the aimed customers emotions allowed us to sign new contracts for a range of installations in Latin America, US, Europe and Asia.
In 2010 will continue to work in all of these markets adding some new countries to our company’s world map. One of them is Spain, where we have a pending certification process, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year and we have already planned installations in 4 Spanish provinces in 2011.

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