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June 21, 2021

Roberto Flores, Director of Business Development of CashCode for Latin America and the Caribbean

“This year we saw a definite improvement in the market”

(US, exclusive In an interview to Roberto Flores, Director of Business Development of Cash Code for Latin America and the Caribbean, he said he was sourprised about the number of international customers who visited their booth at G2E this year. On top of new products, he commented about the market recovery from the global economic crisis and said he was excited regarding the opportunity to add Money Controls to the Crane Payment Solutions family.


ow do you evaluate your participation in G2E?
G2E 2010 was the best show we’ve had in 3 years.  We were pleasantly surprised by the number of international customers who visited our booth not only from South America but also places such as South Africa and Australia.  We are pleased with the exciting business opportunities facing us in the near future which will enable us to grow our business in South America.

What was the feedback from visitors and customers?
This year we saw a definite improvement in the market, seeing customers we expected and were pleased by the number of people visiting our booth for the first time to view our solutions and hear how Crane Payment Solutions could improve efficiencies regarding their businesses.

What was their response to your products and new launches?
Although we launched our oneCheck cash management solution at G2E last year, people are still very interested in it as a new product solution for their operation.  This is due to its simplistic, flexible and functional operation and is provided as an added value feature to the CashCode one.
Two new launches were the 800 Note Cashbox with a nearly full function and the 2500 Note Cashbox for ticket redemption and change machines.  The 800 Note Cashbox received a lot of attention from operators who understand the benefit of having 33% extra capacity in the cashbox while still being able to fit it into their machines.  While the 2500 Note Cashbox draws attention as a proven solution for change machines as it cuts your kiosk drops in half.

How did you see this edition regarding G2E 2009?
This year the show definitely had a more positive vibe.  Our customers and new visitors to the booth also thought that the attendance was better in 2010 than it had been in 2009. 

In your opinion, did the show demonstrate a recovery from de global crisis?
G2E demonstrated that we are on the road to recovery from the global economic crisis.  Although there is evidence that some countries are moving at a slower rate than anticipated, there was a lot of positive feedback and a very positive outlook for 2011 from everyone.

How was this year for your company?
Crane Payment Solutions is a highly diversified company supplying bill and coin validators and recyclers and coin dispensing units to other markets such as retail, transportation and vending, not just Gaming, AWP and VLT’s.  Although it hasn’t been an easy year for us we are finishing 2010 with a solid foundation and are looking forward to exciting new opportunities for 2011.

Which are your plans for next year?
G2E created new opportunities for Crane Payment Solutions and the CashCode brand and we fully intend to execute those opportunities into new business.  We are very encouraged by the positive response from our customers as they look forward to business opportunities in front of them.  We do see 2011 being a busier year than the previous two – there are opportunities we see in South America for new properties and expansions as it is an area that remains a strategic focus for our company.

How will Money Controls’ acquisition by Crane affect the company? Will the firm experience changes at any level as a result of the transaction?
We are very excited regarding the opportunity to add Money Controls to the Crane Payment Solutions family.  They have some great technology in their bill validators and coin hoppers that would strengthen our product line.  We will keep you posted on any further news as we receive it.

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