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June 23, 2021

Interview with Cadillac Jack CEO, Gene Chayevsky

“This has been, by far, our best year”

(US, exclusive - met with Gene Chayevsky, CEO of Cadillac Jack, during G2E 2010 held two weeks ago in Las Vegas. He commented on the new products showcased in the company’s booth and gave his thoughts regarding the US and Mexican markets. He also talked about the firm’s performance this year and the markets Cadillac Jack is looking to enter in the future.


hich products are you showcasing at G2E?
I am very proud of the extensive lineup of new products we are showing this year. However, if I were to highlight just one, it would be our Genesis cabinet. Genesis is a next generation dual screen cabinet with the two screens integrated to work as a seamless unit.  This platform provides outstanding entertainment value for the player and allows for an engaging experience by incorporating vivid graphics and bonus games which naturally utilize the top and bottom screen. 
We are very excited to exhibit all of our new games on the Genesis platform at G2E.  We have developed high performing, feature rich games ready for all of our markets, and the response from our customers has been very positive.

What are the main features of the Genesis cabinet? What are some of the benefits it brings to the operator? 
In addition to providing a hardware platform for increased game performance, Genesis provides value to operators though easy maintainability and upgradability. When configured for server-based applications, Genesis enables slot managers to expediently make game changes and thus achieve quicker floor optimization.

What game themes you are showing at G2E?
We are showing more than 40 new games which are available for all of our markets between G2E and the first half of next year.  Our focus in 2010 has been to develop a much broader game library, which is required to sustain the top-level performances that we have achieved in our markets to date.  We have developed new multi-level progressives, multi-bonus games, a new 100 Line series, and new game mechanics including Xtra Bonus which is an ante bet game.  All of the games being launched at the show will entertain players with feature rich content, high resolution graphics and multiple, interactive bonus features. 

How do you see the Mexican market now? Is it still growing or it is reaching its peak?
Mexico is still very far from its potential size. We believe the market may grow to 150,000-200,000 machines over time. Most of our customers are expanding very rapidly and that provides Cadillac Jack with a stable, long-term platform for growth. Despite the slowdown in casino development experienced in other parts of the gaming world, Mexican operators continue to grow and invest in their business.

How do you view the Latin American market? Excluding Mexico, in which you are the leader, is Cadillac Jack planning to target the rest of the continent in the near future?
Latin America is a well established market. There are many areas such as Argentina, Peru, and Chile that are already well-developed, and there are other jurisdictions that are considering opening, such as Brazil.  At this point in our expansion, we are preparing to address some of those markets.
Getting closer to the end of the year, how was 2010 for Cadillac Jack?
2010 has been, by far, our best year in terms of our growth in customer base and machine placements, expansion of our product line, and our financial performance.  This is a nice combination for us. The new products that we are exhibiting at the show give our customers a good look at our pipeline for next year and provide them with the confidence that the earnings generated by our games at their facilities will continue to grow.  As such, we feel that we are well-positioned to continue our rapid growth in 2011 across all of our core markets and potential new ones

As a leading company that develops cutting-edge technology, which are the trends you see for the future? Everyone is talking about downloadable games, for example. What is your vision concerning new technologies for the future in the gaming industry?
Server-based gaming has been discussed at G2E for many years, and finally we are getting to a point where server-based gaming is actually developing useful applications that enhance the gaming experience. This includes games that have community features, tournament modes, and other compelling enhancements, such as persistent state gaming, that make the games more entertaining.   Obviously companies are talking about Internet gaming - specifically how they can use the Internet to enhance their business.  Some companies have taken significant steps in advancing these initiatives and we look forward to exploring the potential of i-gaming in the future.   

We are allocating a great deal of engineering resources to develop richer content games for the player, with more progressives and varied, more sophisticated bonus features.  As we are a leading server-based company and have developed this technology over many years, it is very natural for Cadillac Jack to provide server-based applications for the Class III market. 
However, it is important to note that our success in creating high earning games is not based on technology or quality of the games alone.  It’s based on a comprehensive approach to the customer and our proactive management of our technology.  We are focused, more than many companies in the industry, on working very closely with our customers to analyze our game performance and optimize performance through frequent title mix changes on their floor based on actual results per title and new title availability. In addition, we also coordinate our marketing and promotions very closely with our customers to generate additional earnings and help introduce new games or product lines.

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