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September 24, 2021

Sebastián Salat, company’s President International

“WMS presented a myriad of fantastic products at G2E this year”

(US, exclusive WMS recently announced the signature of an agreement of integration of products and systems with Konami. This initiative is added to the joint efforts that the firm is carrying out with IGT. Within G2E, Yogonet talked to Sebastián Salat, President International of WMS, about this issues while he also made a final balance of the participation of the company at the show.


hat remarkable products have you presented in G2E? Which were the keys of innovation for WMS this year?
We presented a myriad of fantastic products of the new “G+ De Luxe” line, up to games based it our Internet applications such as “Pirate Battle” or “Winners Share”, as well as “Godfather”. Instead of remarking justo some of them, I’d rather remark the proposal we made of our vision of the casino of the future thanks to server-based technologies and the capacity of innovation of WMS.

We also presented the download and remote configuration of games, the marketing applications through a service window located in the screen of the machina, the portals to which anyone can connect the successful games of WMS, “Player’s Life” application, conceived to strengthen the traditional casino game from Internet, boosting a future new visit from the player to the casino, new communitary games. All these applications have been presented in our XD and Bluebird 2 cabinets, which are so well received in the market.
Which was the feedback of the public?
Our proposal has been very well received, I would even say it has been received with enthusiasm by operators of international casinos. All our customers have been able to see in which way our proposal may change the casino paradigm in force. We have not presented just convenient functions from the technical or operational point of view, such as the download of remote games, but also applications such as “Player’s Life” or portals that will have a direct incidence in the attraction of the machines, and so in their profitability.

How did you see the event this year? Have you noted a recovery with regards to the crisis that affected the world last year?
The assistance to customers to the event has been similar to the one in editions previous to the economic recession. There has been an important assistance of customers from Latin America, Mexico and the Western Europe, as well as South Africa, Asia and Australia. We see customers, in general, with a better mood and, above all, willing to contribute to the fact that this difficult time concludes.

How do you think the recent agreement signed with IGT will result?
The reasons for the agreements with IGT on one side and with Konami on the other, have the aim to facilitate the operator’s life that chooses to accept our application proposals that use server-based technologies, through guaranteeing the full interoperability. We all need this aim to be complied, so I do not have any doubt that both agreements will work for the full satisfaction of everyone.

The year is concluding. What balance can you make of 2010? How will you face the following year?
2010 has been a difficult year, followed by a very difficult 2009. No doubt it was a period that has put all of us to test. These have been times in which the countries, the companies and the men have had to show their character.
In WMS we feel proud of having managed to succeed these years, of having shown that there is always a place for innovative products, and having proved the courage of our people.  I want to thank everyone –customers, providers and employees-who have believed, once more, in WMS project.

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