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September 26, 2021

Marta Mateus, Responsible of the Exports Department of the firm

“2010 was a very important year for Copag”

(US, exclusive Copag was present in Las Vegas with its complete catalogue, in which the plastic cards stand out. interviewed Marta Mateus, responsible of the Exports Department of the company, who talked about the possible opening of the Brazilian market, on top of remarking the most important topics of G2E 2010 edition.


hat products have you presented in G2E? Which have been the key innovations for Copag this year?
We presented the complete line of Copag products in cardboard and 100% plastic, but specially plastic cards in which Copag USA has different options of backs, colors and packaging available to customers. Besides, the American market has always been excellent for our plastic products, because they use this type of product for poker games in casinos, gambling venues, tournaments and family games. The innovation is in the cards with UV print system of the logo of the customer, on top of RFID technology, which we are already negotiating with a possible Latin American customer.

Which was the feedback from the public?
The feedback was very positive. We received much more public than expected in the first day of the show. We are very satisfied with the balance we had. We received people from the American and Latin American market, as well as from Europe and Asia, too.

How did you see the event this year? Have you noted a recovery with regards to the crisis that affected the world last year?
Clearly, we have much more visits and price estimation than last year. We we sourprised even in the first day, but the great majority were not American, but from other nationalities. It leads us to believe that the American market is recovering, but at a more slowly rhytimn than desired.

Having venue in Brazil and considering that a great part of the industry is looking at the country with anxiety, How do you this the local market will evolve after the elections? Will there be an opening?
The issue is quite controversial in Brazilian society. Discussion comnes and goes every year, so the market is anxious, do their research and evaluates possible investments. However, we believe that there is a long way of discussion until we reach a mature and professional work, as it should be.

We believe Brazil could be a very successful gambling market, but the issue combines politics, economy, church and society.  So many variables requiere time. We are always asked about the issue, but we do not know if the market will open, or when would it happen. We expect that, once it is legalized it is the most organized and professional possible.

The year is concluding. What balance can you make of 2010? How will you face the following year?
2010 was a very important year for Copag. We made great investments in the company, from the expansion of the size of the factory with an additional building, up to the acquisition of new state-of-the-art equipment. We also adequate the disposal of the machines, the flows of production and the trainning of qualified personnel. We hired more than 30 collaborators, which makes us very proud, because we are also benefitting the development of the Brazilian society.

2011 will represent the continuity and the harvest of the intense work performed this year. This will enable to expand our horizons, decrease the deadlines of production, diversify even more our line of products, always bringing the best quality to our customers with a good cost-benefit relation.
Every year there are new challenges and an intense work, so the company continues growing. We always want to bring more and better things to our customers.

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