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September 27, 2021

A betting terminal

Evona presented its Bet X at G2E Las Vegas 2010

(Slovakia).- Evona’s betting terminal Bet X was showcased at G2E Las Vegas 2010. The product is a fully automated self-service online betting system for accepting bets on various different sports as well as dog races.


1- Sports
Players have the option to choose to bet on a wide range of games from the local leagues as well as world's best known leagues.

2- Dog race

This is a traditional and still very popular British game. A new race runs online every five minute. There are six dogs running in every race and the players have the option to bet on the winner, the looser as well as the results of the run. There can be numerous independent bets on each ticket.

The terminal is connected online to a central server via Internet, thanks to which the results of the previous games and the following games options are being updated constantly. The advantage of Bet X is mainly a stable, fast and reliable user-friendly software, simple service, clarity and accesibility, thanks to which it can be placed literaly anywhere: gas stations, shopping centers, betting offices, bars and gaming halls, etc.

There are three access levels for the terminal, and for each one there is a unique password, which is saved in the database. The levels are as follows: staff, owner and operator.

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