International edition
June 24, 2021

After passing an exhaustive assessment based on the EFQM model

Azkoyen awarded the European seal of excellence EFQM 400+

(Spain).- Azkoyen Medios de Pago has been awarded the European excellence label that is granted for a score which exceeds the level of 400 points. It is the most prestigious award in Europe in recognition of management excellence.


he European seal of excellence is the external recognition of effectiveness in the management of Azkoyen Medios de Pago. It is an award that distinguishes excellence after passing an exhaustive assessment based on the EFQM model.

The granting of this seal is awarded depending on the result obtained for this evaluation, which assesses all points of the EFQM model and therefore the overall management of the organization. In this case the “Navarre Foundation for excellence" certification authority has been responsible for carrying out this evaluation.

The group of evaluators assessed the strengths of Azoyen Medios de Pago, emphasizing management by processes, stakeholder-centred strategy and its total involvement with the continuous improvement of all processes.

The firm has maintained a strong commitment with excellence for several years and it was in 2007 when it adopted the EFQM model as a reference point for the improvement and implementation of its management system for the first time.

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