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June 25, 2021

Interview to Gavin Isaacs, Bally’s Chief Operating Officer

Bally is showcasing more than 135 new game titles and a suite of mobile applications at G2E 2010

(US, exclusive inteviewed Gavin Isaacs, Bally Chief Operating Officer, who talked about the products that the firm is showcasing at its booth at G2E Las Vegas event, that is being held this week at Las Vegas Convention Center. He also commented about the firm’s challenges and the trends he expects to see in this 2010 edition.


hat are your expectations for G2E this year?
We can’t wait to unveil our latest innovations designed to increase our customers’ profitability. We are excited about the vast array of innovative products in both games and systems that we will be showcasing, and we are confident that they will delight our customers. When we receive a positive response from our customers towards our newest games, cabinets, and powerful systems and server-based solutions, then we can say that our expectations were met.

What products is the firm launching at the show?
Bally will spotlight powerful floor-wide bonusing applications; more than 135 new game titles and a suite of mobile applications at this year’s Global Gaming Expo.

We will also showcase iVIEW networked applications, including DM Tournaments, which enables casinos to instantaneously turn sections of their floor, with games from multiple manufacturers, into tournament games, solving the age-old dilemma of how to keep high-earning games in great locations while also hosting tournaments in the same high-profile locations to add excitement on the floor.

Visitors to Bally’s booth will also get to see U-Spin Bonusing on iVIEW DM. This application enables casinos to offer the popular U-Spin play mechanic in which players touch and spin a virtual wheel and win marketing dollars at the point of play.

In your opinion, what will be the main challenge of G2E this year? What about Bally’s challenges?
The main challenge is the economic uncertainty that is still prevalent in most gaming markets worldwide. We hope this uncertainty doesn’t discourage visitors from coming to the most important gaming expo of the year and buying new product to upgrade their floors. We understand that operators are still a bit cautious about investing in new products, but we hope that they will see how Bally’s solutions  give them a good return on their investment and long-term sustainability.  We hope our G2E showcase will demonstrate to gaming operators that we are committed to developing products that will help them succeed.

What trends do you expect to find at G2E?
Bally works hard to lead in innovation, creating products that will deliver ROI to our customers and entertain players. We are pleased to say that some of our latest innovations have already begun to set a trend within the industry. Our award-winning U-Spin gesture-control play mechanic has revolutionized the industry. We are certain that our iDeck multi-touch button deck will be another innovation that will set a new trend in player interaction.  A new level of excitement throughout the casino floor is now possible with Bally’s Elite Bonusing Suite applications which deliver floor-wide, interactive promotions and second-chance-to-win opportunities for players through the iVIEW Display Manager (DM) or iVIEW, Bally’s picture-in-picture-style player-user interface.  The trends in our industry are focused on game and products that offer more interactivity and add dramatic new levels of excitement on the casino floor, such as our highly interactive new ALPHA 2 games, the iDeck, and the Elite Bonusing Suite on our iVIEW network. 

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