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September 23, 2021

Statements by Dave Krise, Senior VP of DigiDeal

“DigiDeal is perfectly positioned to continue to be the leader in e-table technology”

(US, exclusive Dave Krise, Senior VP of DigiDeal, granted an interview to within G2E event. He commented about the expectations and objectives for the show, that is being held in Las Vegas from November 16-18, and also talked about the products that the firm is presenting at the current edition.


hat are your expectations and objectives for G2E Las Vegas?
Our expectations are high for this year’s G2E show. As the industries leader in electronic table games, we want to clearly demonstrate why we are "the Benchmark in e-table technology and innovation". Our line of e-table platforms, games and products are unrivaled in there dependability and versatility to be configured to meet any Jurisdictional  requirement or operational need.

Will you launch new products? Which are their main characteristics?
In addition to showing our latest multi-game versions of our popular DTS-V (six player, hosted, all virtual) and DTS-X  (8 player, non hosted, all virtual) table we will be introducing the Table DROID.

One of the main characteristics of the DTS-V platform is its flexibility.  We will be showcasing the DTS-V in a party pit environment with lights, music, dancing and attractive dealers.  In addition to being the perfect fit for any pit, the DTS-V is the ideal product for the new trend of party pits offering high security and unmatched productivity.

The DTS-X is the "all in one" stand alone solution.  This platform is an 8 position, non hosted platform with individual bill acceptors and printers at each position eliminating the need for any additional people or kiosk.  Again like the DTS-V, the DTS-X demonstrates its versatility with its ability to switch between multiple game themes like: Texas Hold'em Xtreme to Classic Blackjack or Classic Baccarat.  Enhanced expandability and additional game themes are in the near future of this adaptable platform.

Our new Table DROID product is a Digital Random Outcome Interactive Display. This product generates a animated virtual outcome of any game feature such as: dice, cards, bingo balls or roulette allowing those jurisdictions that will not allow traditional craps, and roulette or require a video component a way to offer those traditional games.

In your opinion, what will be this edition’s main challenge?
Productivity and flexibility for casino operators. In these hard economic times, with increased competition and jurisdictional restrictions, the products that can provide the best ROI and player experience will be the products of tomorrows casinos. 

Which trends do you expect to see this year at the show?
Certainly in the table game arena the future belongs to the e-table.  Since DigiDeal first introduced the hosted e-table to the industry, over twelve years ago the acceptance of this technology by both the players and operators has skyrocketed. Back in 1999 we were the only e-table at the show and this year nearly every table game company will be show some type of electronic component carefully trying not to infringe on DigiDeal's, more than 30 issued patents and trademarks.  DigiDeal is perfectly positioned to continue to be the leader in e-table technology that everyone else is trying to imitate.

Do you plan to assist to any of the conferences? If so, which one and why?
We are not involved in any conference this year.  In the past three while in a limited partnership with IGT they were responsible with promoting the e-table at conferences.  That relationship has  ended and once again DigiDeal is back in control and excited to be involved in future conferences and discussions to promoting the many benefits of our electronic table game platforms and products.

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