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July 28, 2021

Statements by CEO Giorgio Abbiati

“We expect to find new technologies, new materials and new product ideas at G2E”

(US, exclusive Giorgio Abbiati, CEO of Abbiati, granted an interview to before G2E, that will start tomorrow in Las Vegas. He commented the expectations and objectives that the Italian manufacturer has for the upcoming exhibition, the products that it will launch and the trends he expects to find at the event.


hat are your expectations and objectives for G2E Las Vegas?
Las Vegas is the ideal place to present Abbiati products and services to the decision makers from many different countries and markets, having an excellent opportunity to personally meet our partners and customers.

G2E brings us the possibility to demonstrate how Abbiati products has continued improving during the last year, using new innovative materials, designs and technologies.
Our aim is to exhibit new products to demonstrate our customers Abbiati’s flexibility and ability to manufacture customized equipment.

Will the firm launch new products? Which are their main characteristics?
Yes, Abbiati will launch new Live Gaming tables with a very special customized design: Poker, Black Jack and American Roulette. All tables have top-quality materials and were embellished with gold leaf intarsia.

Besides, we will launch a totally new line of RFID Chips and Plaques. The  benefits to the end user are: Security, Table Performance, Chip Movements, Player Tracking Information, Table Link and real time information.

The RFID Chips speed and accuracy using the 13.56 MHz PJM technology allows us to help casinos improve their performance in mission critical areas such as game speed, for an industry where time is money, being able to increase the speed of information is a huge benefit.

The 13.56 MHz PJM RFID Value Chip can be read at an amazing 800 pieces per second with the information being recorded showing the number of chips of each value, the total value per denomination and the sum total, also split in various sets i.e. Cash, Non- Negotiable, Junket.

We will also introduce our customers the newest product line of Ceramic Chips dedicated specially to Poker, tournaments and cash games. The main characteristics of these products are: great quality, an attractive price and the possibility to have the most unusual design and style. Its characteristics are: Fully customizable, the most unusual designs and styles technically are allowed, complete photographic full printing on both faces and the edges, Photo quality images, available with decal overlay and UV printing security code, using a unique ink

Finally, an enriched line of playing cards will also be introduced. Its main characteristics are: excellent quality, fast delivery and a very attractive price.

Its characteristics are: Dedicated line specially for Poker, available 100% PVC plastic & paper coated, various range of front face design and selection of back graphics & colours, possibility of a low qty order of the customized Monogrammed cards, fast delivery.       Bridge and Poker sizes are available

In your opinion, what will be this edition’s main challenge?
Due to the current worldwide economic situation, we aim to attract new clients as much as possible, which would bring Abbiati new successful business opportunities. We are sure that Abbiati Company product range will inspire many decision makers, bringing many interesting and successful collaborations in the future.

Which trends do you expect to see this year at the show?
We expect to find new technologies, new materials and new products ideas.

Do you plan to assist to any of the conferences? If so, which one and why?
Not this year, because of the very intensive schedule pre-arranged with our customers.

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