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August 04, 2021

GLI approved iVIEW DM for implementation on five different manufacturers’ games

Bally Technologies' iVIEW networked products bring innovative gaming experiences

(US).- Bally Technologies’ iVIEW networked products are enabling operators to create differentiating experiences at the point of play on any game from any manufacturer. iVIEW networked technology allows casinos to offer powerful floor-wide bonusing events and rich customer-service features that have not been available on a gaming device until now.


reat applications are being delivered on both the traditional  iVIEW display, as well as the game-changing iVIEW Display Manager (DM), with its picture-in-picture-style technology. 

These types of innovative solutions surely captured the attention of the  panel of industry experts that recently named Bally’s Elite Bonusing Suite and iVIEW DM the winner in the Hospitality Operations Technology Awards’ “Guest Experience Enhancement” category. This powerful product combination also won first place in the 2011 Gaming & Technology Awards’ “Best Consumer-Service Technology” category.

“This technology has evolved so much from its original purpose, which was to display selected player account information, augmented by marketing content,” said Bruce Rowe, Bally’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development. “It has become everything from a self-service kiosk, to a bonusing and rewards tool, to a channel for streaming video directly onto the slot machine without interrupting play. Frankly, it’s pretty amazing what this technology can do when it comes to changing the experience at the point of play.”

By December, Bally Technologies will have the single largest installation of windowing technology on the main game screen in North America, with more than 1,100 games from five manufacturers.

Floor-wide Bonusing Adds Excitement

One of the iVIEW network’s most compelling applications, according to Rowe, is when it is used in combination with Bally’s Elite Bonusing Suite. These interactive floor-wide bonusing events enable players to spin wheels, select and root for their favorite contest-driven car or horse, get instant rewards on their birthday, and participate in floor-wide slot tournaments. Casinos can now make marketing reinvestments at the game instead of in the mailbox.  And this is only a smattering of what this highly interactive and customizable combination of solutions can do.

Barona Resort & Casino in Lakeside, California, experienced the power of iVIEW and the Elite Bonusing Suite firsthand last July, when they launched “Off to the Races,” a virtual-racing promotion on all 2,000 of their slot machines using iVIEW, the Elite Bonusing Suite, and Bally’s CoolSign media management. During the month-long promotion, qualified, carded slot players received notification of the bonus event on their slot machines and were given the option to touch and choose an animated horse. They received a prize from the casino whether they chose the winning horse or the last-place finisher.

“This promotion is the first event ever where 2,000 devices and more than 50 displays were all synchronized for a floor-wide community gaming experience,” said Mike Murphy, Barona’s Vice President of Technology. “Because our customers had to earn 100 points to be eligible to even participate, it helped generate revenue and increased the percentage of carded play. Plus, the interactivity and ability for players to choose their horse to cheer for definitely added a feeling of excitement and anticipation on our floor. ‘Off to the Races’ has been, by far, our most successful casino promotion.”

GLI-approved on five manufacturers’ games

iVIEW DM is backward compatible, and can create the same customer experience on the main game screen of older and new games from any manufacturer that uses open video and touch-screen protocols. To date, GLI has approved iVIEW DM for implementation on five different manufacturers’ games.

Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, California, is currently running the technology on games manufactured by Aristocrat Technologies, Bally Technologies, IGT, Konami Gaming, and WMS Gaming.

Buddy Frank, Pechanga’s VP of Slot Operations, was initially hesitant about the picture-in-picture-style technology, concerned the addition of an on-screen message would be distracting. Player testing showed otherwise. “Placing the information in front of the player is smart, but the breakthrough is that they are getting something in return – a chance for more winnings, elevated service options, or choices tailored for them,” Frank said.

Stream live video, without interrupting game play

One of the first to try the video-streaming feature was the Oneida Casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For the past two years, they have broadcast Green Bay Packers games to all of their slot machines using the iVIEW player-interface displays, enabling their enthusiastic fans to watch the sporting event without interrupting their game play.

Live Demos at G2E 2010

At G2E Las Vegas next week, Bally will showcase these applications, including DM Tournaments, which enables casinos to instantaneously turn sections of their floor, with games from multiple manufacturers, into tournament games, solving the age-old dilemma of how to keep high-earning games in great locations while also hosting tournaments in the same high-profile locations to add excitement on the floor.

Visitors to Bally’s G2E booth will also get to see U-Spin Bonusing on iVIEW DM. This application enables casinos to offer the popular U-Spin play mechanic in which players touch and spin a virtual wheel and win marketing dollars at the point of play.

Products in Action at Systems User Conference

Pechanga Resort & Casino, which has been selected as the location for Bally’s 8th annual Systems User Conference March 8-10, 2011, will showcase iVIEW DM on more than 1,200 games from at least five different manufacturers, representing the largest number of games from the most varied group of suppliers using windowing on the main game screen. The casino operator has been an early adopter of many of Bally’s most cutting-edge systems solutions, and user conference attendees will get a chance to see how Pechanga is using the integrated Bally solutions suite to drive real ROI.

A number of other casino operators are testing iVIEW DM technology with the Elite Bonusing Suite applications as well as other features such as streaming video.

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