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June 24, 2021

The document is being studied

Conajzar prepares the new tender for the casino operation in Paraguay

(Paraguay).- The National Games of Chance Commission (Conajzar) will release a new tender process for the operation of casinos, whose document is being studied. One of the members of the entity, Ricardo Lugo Arrúa, presented to the newspaper ABC Color a report in which notes possible problems and proposals to overcome them.


n two previous opportunities, the respective tenders (2009 and 2010) were declared void due to the lack of candidates. The failure of previous tenders was due to the fact that potential candidates refused to accept the new bidding specifications, articles and conditions of Conajzar, because they considered them “inadequate” for a rational operation that would allow important investments.

The importance of legal casinos, operated by serious companies, according to sources of the sector, is given in the field of investments in infrastructure and in the opening of real job possibilities. In the same way, gaming tourism is more expanded each time in the region, so the existence of modern casinos, which are able to satisfy the expectations of “strong players”, would be a great attraction for foreign visitors.  

In Conajzar there is not, up to the moment, a solid agreement on the terms and conditions of the new tender process. Some members think that this call is too important so the entity should not take the risk to fail again. 

In this sense, lawyer Lugo Arrúa proposed several modifications to the original document, especially with regards to very punctual aspects. Among them, the market saturation, when more than one casino is allowed in a not very extense geographic area or conditionings for the use of machines; or legal security for the candidates.   

Additionally, Lugo, representative of the Ministry of the Interior before Conajzar, believes that the tender deadline of 120 months (10 years) is relativelly short to accredit an important investment, which is a key objective regarding casino operation.

He affirms that there are powerful companies willing to participate in the tender, with the aim to make big investments that would benefit the country, not only with the contribution of a substantial levy to Conajzar but also, above all, in the edification sector and in the creation of new jobs, specially non qualified employments.   

One of the conditionings on the basis of the tender is originated in the fact that there are no rules for machines. In the previous tender, it was requested that the winner had to adhere to a rule on machines that had not been released to the candidates previously, which constituted a “serious obstacle for investment calculation”. Another objection to the document is that the deadlines to start operating with a big casino are difficult to comply.

Besides, there is concern on the moment in which the tender process will be released, which would happen in Christmas and with new mayors, “and whose way of thinking is not known”, expressed a source consulted. It is considered that a new failure in the tender would mean the loss of a great quantity of money (in building works, employments, taxes, etc.), and also of time, that would difficulty be able to recover afterwards.

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