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October 17, 2021

Statements by Jay Henderson, Director of Product Marketing, Unica

“Players are moving their business to organizations that create an interactive dialogue”

(US, exclusive Yogonet interviewed Jay Henderson, Director of Product Marketing of Unica, an IBM firm that is leader in marketing software solutions. He talked about the importance that the gambling industry has for the firm and about the main characteristics of the products and solutions that it offers to gambling companies. He also commented his impressions on the evolution of the industry for the coming year.


hat does the gaming and gambling industry represent for Unica?
Gaming and gambling is a core market for Unica, an IBM company.  Unica is the world’s leading interactive marketing software company and has unparalleled experience in gaming. Moreover, Unica can help gaming companies maximize player value to marketers and deliver timely and relevant communications that are aligned with each stage of the player lifecycle (acquire, register, deposit, grow, retain, win-back). 

Could you name the world-leading gaming companies that you have gone into partnership with lately?
Unica’s growing community of worldwide gaming clients includes Party Gaming,, Boyd Gaming, Casinos Austria, Foxwoods, Full Tilt Poker, and PKR, among others. 

What do you have to offer to gaming companies? Which are the main characteristics of your products and solutions?
Unica provides a full suite of interactive marketing capabilities that help marketers to attract, grow and retain players and maximize player value. 

This suite includes: Advanced player tracking and analytics.  This includes player-level behavioral analytics that can be integrated with enterprise data sources (revenues, bonuses etc.); One-to-one player marketing: Unica enables marketers to create campaigns that define and execute offers, contact rules and messages for each individual player at each stage of the player lifecycle. It also includes Real-time, inbound player marketing. 

For in-game marketing this includes: In game pop-ups that rotate but are still un-personalized because all players receive the same set of messages. It also comprises messages that are triggered based on in-game events (e.g. player loses). These are personalized, but are only based on recent events and do not take into account the player’s history, value, or previous offers you’ve made to them in other channels. Besides, it includes messages that are calculated based on the complete picture - current game play, player profile, web behaviour, email campaign responses etc.  By truly engaging players in this way, you can encourage longer game play and deliver higher player yields.

For the website it includes: Custom website landing pages based on keyword or referrer information. These can be a series of individual landing pages or a single landing page that will dynamically display offers depending on where the visitor comes from and which campaign they responded to.

It also has fixed website personalization where offers are displayed on a pre-calculated basis depending on the section of the website being viewed (i.e. all players see the same offers in the same section of the site), and a dynamic website personalization where you present personalized offers in real-time that are based on current and previous player behaviour as well as live event information.

Do you plan to extend your operations to other markets?
Obviously our large presence in online gaming means that we continue to see significant growth in our international marketing. Unica is already strong across a wide variety of markets, including Retail, Travel & Transport, Financial Services, and many other industries. 

How do you see the industry for the coming year?
With adoption of online gaming expected to grow by double-digits, the opportunities are massive. At the same time, operators are facing increased competition and impending consolidation, resulting in a new challenge – to attract, grow and retain valuable players.  Players are already fickle, and with more choice, they will only become more discerning.  Players will be loyal to those organizations that demonstrate an understanding of their needs and engage them with personalized communications.  Players are increasingly tuning out traditional email marketing approaches and are moving their business to organizations that create an interactive dialogue. 

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