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September 24, 2021

A world of VLT component solutions

Suzo Happ Solutions in the new Comestero VLT Catalogue

(Italy).- The demand and interest in gaming in Italy was reflected by the strong number of visitors to this year’s ENADA in Rome that took place between 6th and 8th October. The greater interest was placed on VLT solutions, given the opportunities now present in Italy.


aving introduced a new business model with VLT’s into the Italian gaming market, operators and concessionaires naturally are turning to companies that have already amassed a wealth of experience in this sector.

The long-standing knowledge of the gaming industry has enabled Suzo Happ to develop an unbeatable topper range which includes the classics such as the Shield topper and the Ellipse and Ringo compact toppers and the Ellipse TFTopper that includes a 15” LCD screen. This topper allows operators to put the topper to a further use – namely for media, advertising and entertainment purposes. The new range of toppers – the Reel Topper, Round Disc Topper and Round Video Topper enable game manufacturers to extend their games by integrating the topper within the game itself, for example for bonus purposes.

Suzo Happ is the European distributor for FutureLogic and MEI which offer industry-beating products for printing and note reading with FutureLogic’s GEN2 Universal and MEI’s Cashflow SC.

Erik Wijma comments, “Our commitment to the gaming market stems many decades now. Our topper range brings real value to the market alongside out hopper range – the Cube Hopper, Evolution and our Casino Hopper. We are the European distributor for the industry’s leading brands”. Indeed, Suzo Happ offers industry-leading locks from Assa Desmo and Venia. The increased amount of cash in circulation in gaming requires new solutions in note and coin counting and sorting. Suzo Happ is proud to support the gaming market with the Talaris product range. “The Talaris Nvision and Ntegra combine extreme security with great value. Furthermore, we offer an extensive choice for coin counting and sorting with the Talaris Mach range”, notes Wijma.

The belief and value of being very close to customer needs is reflected in the choice of distributors for Suzo Happ. The exclusive distributor for Suzo Happ in Italy is Comestero. The strength of this partnership and value that Suzo Happ is bringing to the VLT market are reflected in the sheer number of products from Suzo Happ (and distributor partners) in the new Comestero VLT catalogue.

“Comestero is a great partner, a very professional company that constantly looks to bring innovation and solutions to the market. Together we are very well positioned to ensure that the Italian VLT market profits from the ‘best-in-class’ solutions in the market place”, concludes Wijma.

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