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August 03, 2021

It will co-exist with the traditional one

Spain: Electronic bingo to effectively run in 2011 in Castile-Leon

(Spain).- The government of Castile-Leon has created new tax benefits and expanded those that are in force to revitalize the economy of the community and create jobs. The Draft Bill on Financial Measures for 2011aims to be an effective tool to combat the crisis and activate the economic recovery.


he bill, better known as the Law on Monitoring of the Budget, anticipates the introduction of seven new taxes and the extension of another six, raising to 43 the tax advantages to come into force next year. Two new tax advantages for the gaming industry to create jobs.

Given the serious problems that face the gaming industry, the government of Castile-Leon has introduced two new temporary taxes to prevent job loss and even encourage the creation of new jobs.

The first concerns the bingo halls consists in applying a reduced rate to those bingo halls which increase its workforce in 2011 and 2012 over this year. It’s available for the new bingo halls to be opened in the next two years and will last four years from the opening.

The second advantage is a bonus tax rate paid by operators for inactive slot machines which is conditional on maintaining employment. The draft bill includes other new measures closely linked to that. This is the regulation of online gaming, which began on 1 January this year with its special tax.

The companies established in the region may apply for permission to develop their business through electronic means, or interactive distance communication. At the same time, the regional government improves its collection as the online operators must set up  its companies here and pay the appropriate tax rate.

Electronic bingo will begin to run in 2011 and will co-exist with the traditional one. Both will pay the same rate of tax.

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