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September 21, 2021

Interview to Renzo Quiñones Infante, Marketing Manager of the company

“In the following months, Sportium expects to achieve 125 centers opened”

(Spain, exclusive Sportsbetting house Sportium, a joint venture between Cirsa and Ladbrokes, communicated at the beginning of August that it exceeded the 100 betting centers in Madrid Council, where traditional sportsbooks are regulated. In an interview granted to, Renzo Quiñones Infante, Marketing Manager of Sportium, anticipated that they will open more betting centers.


hat does it represent for the company the fact of having achieved the 100 points of sale in Madrid Council?
The 100 operational points of sale place Sportium as undisputed leader in the traditional sportsbooks sector in Spain. Besides, we have become the first retail sale chain in this community, a fact that is reflected in the unstoppable growth of the company since our arrival to the market just two years ago. Besides, in the following months we expect to achieve the 125 centers opened.
Are you planning to open more points of sale in other Spanish communities?
Sportium vocation is national, and our plans are to implant our product and brand in all those autonomous communities that regulate the betting activity. We expect that, in the following months, new regulations will be published, so they let us expand our ratio of action to new markets and expand our leadership.

Which is the target of Sportium bettors?
Sportium customers are people of different ages (always older than 18), but they share something: the emotion for sports. In general, football is the favourite sport, followed by basketball, tennis and races. We offer more than 50 sports and 60,000 betting possibilities a week. If, to the fact of supporting your team, you add the possibility of winning something in case your team wins, so daily emotion for following your favourite teams increases. It is a business designed to allocate small amounts of money, because the main motor is the emotion connected with sports.
What innovations do you present in Sportium at a technological level?
With the aim to obtain the customer satisfaction, from Sportium we are constantly working to keep on innovating in technology and service. If a customer enters to one of our centers, they will find:
1) Information Elements:
-Big screens to watch sports events live.
-Special screens where we pubis all our daily offer of prices.
-Guides, tickers and brochures to be able to orientate in the different types of bets.

2) Betting elements:
-Exclusive auto-service terminals with with digital screen, where every customer customizes its bet.
-If people want counselling, they can go and see our cashier and do their bets in the check-in-desk.
Marksense System, is a scanner of automated tickets that allows to read the bets that customer have selected in their ticket. This way, the customer marks the bet he wants in paper and the reader recognozes it in our language.

With all these tools we made available for the customers all our offer, for them to do the best choice according to their preferences.

Which are Cirsa and Ladbrokes plans for Sportium in the short and medium term?
The main aim is to continue the market expansion with new points of sale in Madrid and expand our offer to other Autonomous Communities in order to reach more public and become a reference in the sportsbooks category in Spain.

How do you consider the regulation of remote gaming (Internet + cell phones)? Which is the current situation in Spain?
Internet gaming regulation should allow the equal terms in the market for the free competence. Although off and online may be complementary (there is always an ideal moment for each one), from the regulation, the basis of the game will be the same for all operators, no matter the channel in which its offer is commercialized.

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