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June 23, 2021

Benjamín González Roaro, Director of the National Lottery for Public Assistance in Mexico

“WLA certification strenghtens all the mechanisms of Lotenal”

(Mexico, exclusive In the same month that the National Lottery for Public Assistance in Mexico (Lotenal) is celebrating its 240th anniversary, the World Lottery Association (WLA) informed that it certified all the processes of the institution such as tax payments and insurances. interviewed Benjamín González Roaro, director of Lotenal, who remarked the importance of this acknowledgement.


hat does WLA acknowledgement mean for Lotenal?
A few days ago, just when Lotenal celebrated its 240 anniversary, WLA granted the official certification to all and each of its procedures, both traditional and online, which satisfies all the people working in the institution.

It has a great value if we consider that the certification is held by the main regulatory entity of the State Lotteries worldwide, in search of achieving more secure and transparent draws for the public. In particular, the certification comes to strenghen all and each of the mechanisms that the different departments have, in which Lotenal draws operate, and also complies with the order of WLA, expressed in recent International Seminar of Security and Risk Management, held in May in Acapulco, Mexico.

What does this certification consist of?
The Lottery of Mexico complied before the auditors sent by WLA with a series of revisions, and faced all the exams, delivery of documents of support and explanation of procedures of all the actions held for every draw that is carried out.

Will you participate in the WLA 2010 Convention and Trade Show that will take place in Australia?
Lotenal plans to assist to the following date scheduled by WLA in Australia, because we are interested in exchanging knowledge, experience and in expanding relationships with similar entities worldwide.

Are you preparing some kind of activity program to celebrate the 240 anniversary of the lottery?
We are planning these celebrations and we are also performing special activities due to the celebration of the bicentenary of the Independence and the Centenary of the Mexican Revolution. An album was issued for stamp collectors with figures and accounts of the achievements of the national heroes. As part of the draw called “Zodíaco”, whose tickets have images of the heroes, those that have not been rewarded are collected. At the end of the year, the lottery will reward those who complete the collection. Besides, they organize a draw called “México Vale Oro” and whose millionaire jackpot will be paid, in part, in golden coins. It will be held September 15th in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Which is the balance you make of the Mexican Lottery and what is the players’ feedback?
Due to the 240 Anniversary of the National Lottery for Public Assistance, last August 7 it was released a draw called “Lotería Mexicana”, (Mexican Lottery), which is the traditional lottery played in regional celebrations and in their own homes, particulary in the interior of the country. As an innovation, the lists have elements with the faces of our heroes and heroins, patriotic symbols and historical places. The draw counts with modern electronic systems and offers attractive millionaire jackpots with a very important exchangeable quantity if the lottery does not appear before the extraction of ball 30.

This new and traditional Mexican draw is barely penetrating in the mood of the people, and it is expected to succeed mainly among families, because it is the first TV program with an interactive draw broadcast every Saturday night.

Also with the aim to celebrate the Lottery anniversary It was inaugurated, inside the facilities of the main office, a mural that at the same time tells the heroic deed of the Independence, the Reform and the Mexican Revolution and has the history of gaming and its different phases.

The National Lottery for Public Assistance of Mexico lives, celebrates and enjoys its long existance, and at the same time is managing to modernize, keeping a high level of security, confidence and transparency that have caused the acknowledgement and praises of most of the national population.

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