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October 18, 2021

It has six months to sign the land sale and purchase

Spain: ILD postpones the presentation of Gran Scala project

(Spain).- Last Saturday it was the first anniversary of the publication of the Law of top level leisure center in the Official Bulletin of Aragon (BOA) and the Project is still unknown. Although it was expected that the presentation in Aragon government coincides with the anniversary, ILD informed that it will be postponed “until the end of the summer”.


he explanation of the consortium to justify this new delay is that "It’s not worth presenting the documents right away" when the Administration is closed in August. However, "the fact that the Project has not been presented yet does not mean that it is not gong to be presented. The firm is working hard and in detail so there is not any problem," added an ILD spokesman.


Deadlines have not been complied again and again. Since December 12, 2007, when the Project was presented in Pignatelli building with the support of Aragon government, delays begun.


The importance of the complex as well as a delay in the firm of the land sale and purchase, (February 2009) raised the first doubts, that come back again and again despite the steps given. The latest promise was that it would be presented before the year of the publication of the law. And it has not happened.


"I cannot tell the exact date in which the papers will be presented, because it is a hugh Project and papers are being prepared," informed a spokesman of ILD (Internacional Leisure Development) consortium. In this sense, he pointed that the Project is being adjusted to the orographic characteristics. "Everything is being done with great case because it is aimed to be a sustainable Project," commented people from the company.


The counsellor of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Aragón, Arturo Aliaga, who has always informed that he kept in constant touch with ILD; has already urged in May the promoter to present the Project before the Summer. Now, however, he prefers not to talk unless he has the documents on the table.


Since the publication of the law, several deadlines have been given in order to present the Project. First it was stated Autumn 2009, then, before the end of the year, then it was postponed again for February, April, the end of June, the end of July, and now, for the end of the Summer. The argument of the promoter is always the same: that it is very complícate to comply with all the requirements demanded by law. The key point is that the Project has to guarantee 3,000 direct employments, 8,000 hotel places and occupy a surface of no less than 1,000 hectares. Besides, and it seems to be the most difficult requirement, it has to present a 3 million euros guarantee together with the papers.


Nevertheless, some steps have been given. In October, the first eight-month deadline was renovated, for the purchase options on the lands for which ILD paid the owners a second payment of 4% on the price of the land (8,000 euros per hectare); and last June 10th, the last payment of 4% was made. In six months, the contract (with a maximum deadline of two years) of the purchase option will expire.


The sale and purchase will be signed or the owners will not have any commitment and they will have achieved that 12%. ILD has already paid 1,057,260 euros to the 70 owners.


It also said that there is no change in the data of the Project that is already known, although there are already less ínflate than when it was presented in Ontiñena in February 2009. If at that moment they talked about 26,000 employments, and now there are 15,000. With regards to the area, it has also been reduced to 1,200 hectares compared to the initial 1,500.


Besides, of the seven thematic parks (three big and four small) that wanted to be opened in 2012, the bigger three remain. However, they maintain the idea to open with 10 casinos.

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