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September 23, 2021

Interview to Alejandro Ortiz, president of Ortiz Gaming

“We have expanded our market a 50% in Mexico, becoming leaders in the country”

(Spain, exclusive Ortiz Gaming, multinational with a renowned performance in video games, system and casino operations, has the firm objective to expand its business in Latin America and Europe. interviewed Alejandro Ortiz, president of the company, who remarked its performance in Mexico and the excellent balance of the first quarter of the year.


hich are the main goals of the company for the following months?
Among the objectives we have planned for our company, I would like to remark the expansion of our operations in the Latin American and European markets.

Which are the markets you aim to target in Latin America?
We target Latin America as a whole, as well as Europe.

How do you see the industry in Latin America and in other important territories this year?
The industry is going very well. This year we have expanded our market a 50% and we have become leaders in Mexico.

Will you release more products this year? Which are your main characteristics?
Yes, we will surely release more products. We are a company that is always seeking to innovate and create new products in order to seek for new customers all the time. Today we already have the Sky Paper, which is a great success. We are also improving a new cabinet model that will bring more comfort to players. Every time we think in creating a new product, we are considering, in the first place, that it is working mainly with the aim to bring comfort, feedback and entertainment to players.

Which are some of the trends that you can observe in this sector?
A strong trend is the modernization of games to continue with the constant evolution of technology.

Have you signed distribution agreements or sales deals recently? What do they consist of?
We signed important agreements that will be quite beneficial both for us and for our customers, because the greatest competitive advantage of our games is to bring an important profitability to our clients, combined with the players’ satisfaction.

Which is the balance of the first semester of the year?
The first half of the year was excellent. We expanded our market considerably; we closed important agreements and started big projects that will bring even more benefits to our customers.

In your view, which are the biggest problems that the sector has to face?
The greatest problems in the games of chance sector are the different legislations of each country and the difficulties that arise to adequate the products without losing their identity. The legislation should be clear. This way, a structured company like Ortiz Gaming wouldn’t have any problem to attend its demands.

How do you see the new technologies in games of chance (to perform transactions with regards to remote games)?
The new technologies bring even more quality and security in products. Besides, they allow our products to offer more fun, quality in image and sound, among other benefits.

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