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September 25, 2021

In their Nexus Pro change machine

Comestero Group chose Innovative Technology's SMART Hopper and SMART Payout

(UK).- The latest change machine from Comestero, the Nexus Pro, offers faster and more advanced performance than the original Nexus change machine by utilising Innovative Technology’s SMART Way to payout.


layers deposit mixed coins in a feed drawer at the top of the Nexus Pro and within seconds notes are dispensed. Machine refill and operator maintenance is reduced to a minimum. Players are able to change banknotes into coins for play and then change winning coins into banknotes for convenience and all in a matter of seconds.

Fabio Ciofi, Owner of Extragiochi, one of the first companies to trial the Nexus Pro said “I would say that by installing Nexus Pro in average sized premises, manager interventions can be drastically reduced by at least 30%. Nexus Pro is a self sufficient winnings cash-in machine which can make the work of owner and manager decidedly much easier.”

To operate in such a self-sufficient way the Nexus Pro utilises the SMART Way - a complete coin and note payout system from UK based Innovative Technology. Each Nexus Pro change machine is fitted with 2 SMART Hoppers and 1 SMART Payout unit to provide adequate levels of change in both coins and notes. The SMART Hoppers and SMART Payout are intelligent units and self float to maintain optimum levels for payout, minimizing the need of operator intervention.

The SMART Hopper, operates at speeds of up to 12 coins per second and is programmed to select the desired coin values needed for payout and transfer all other unrequired values straight to the cashbox. This self-regulating float ensures the Nexus

Pro is able to payout as necessary, reducing the need for frequent operator refill and collection. With a capacity of 1500 coins (based on €1 coin) per SMART Hopper the Nexus Pro can store up to 3000 selected, mixed value coins.

To dispense notes the Nexus Pro uses the SMART Payout. Attached to the NV200 note validator, the Payout unit has a storage capacity of 80 mixed value notes (the NV200 itself has an additional 500 note cashbox) and is self-floating. Desired note values are stored within the SMART Payout and any other values travel straight to the NV200 secure cashbox. To assist when emptying, all notes in the SMART Payout can be transfered to the NV200 cashbox for easy collection. Notes are dispensed (and accepted) quickly through the NV200’s front illuminated bezel.

The Nexus Pro provides fast, reliable payouts, making it ideal for amusement and gaming venues. Gianni Vitiello, Owner of Pragma who have trialed the Nexus Pro commented on it’s key benefits, “The Pro Nexus can reload automatically due to its multi-coin hoppers and its banknote validator/dispenser. With Nexus Pro players can change banknotes to coins to use in the machine and then change the coins won back into banknotes at a single place within the premises. This autonomy is one of the greatest benefits for venue managers.”

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