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September 24, 2021

Marzia Turrini, Head of Business Development & Marketing

“Mexican operators support server-based gaming due to the fever generated by Class III”

(Ireland).- According to the Betstone authorities, Mexican casinos and operators are investing in quality content and in scalable platforms, for example, in server-based games, with the aim of optimizing the potential market of Class III games.


rish firm BetStone advised that content and technology will be key to support Class III gaming implementation in the country. “Mexican operators and casino owners will need to ensure these factors and are addressed to meet market demand being created by Class III games”, sources of the company assured. “Class III classification covers all forms of gaming outside of its previous Class II category. Typically it covers games commonly played at casinos, such as slot machines, blackjack, craps and roulette as well as wagering games,”

The firm added: “With such a broad definition, Mexican operators and casinos are seeking to optimize investments. This new classification brings with it a broader range of gaming options and requirements. However the need for rich content will be key to fulfill the promise of Class III games.  Given different games and technologies that are currently present, implementing a robust platform with access to refreshed content will be in greater demand”.

BetStone, with its global experience in developed and emerging gaming markets, its track record in Server Based Gaming technology and its large content library, advises gaming operators in as diverse markets ranging from Mexico and Argentina to the UK.

“For some gaming providers, the biggest challenge will be consistently delivering quality Class III gaming content to meet demand,” said Marzia Turrini, Head of Business Development & Marketing. “Operators need to be able to scale to meet future demand. Our Server Based Gaming solution does exactly this, with our extensive content library which can easily be accessed for the latest games. These games provide something for everyone because each machine is really a window into the overall network. In short, our platform can deliver Class III games faster whilst enjoying better management reporting, money reconciliation and player trend analysis which helps to develop better customer loyalty.”

The firm also said: “In terms of Server Based Gaming implementation, BetStone offers advantages such as a powerful gaming content  – multiple games on one machine means a player always has choice without changing machines; real-time flexibility with floor configurations – operators can manage games and maximise machine earning potential with real time information, an expansive content libraries, with over 100 games in its portfolio and releases on average 20 new games per quarter, and its Vision Business Intelligence Tool, which allows operators and casinos to track performance on games and machines, delivering real time information tracking, enabling them to maximise their investment.”                                                                                                                          

Sources of the company pointed that BetStone has successfully implemented its Server Based Gaming platform and games into casinos in Monterrey, Guadalajara and other Mexican cities. “And these operators are experiencing above-average machine revenues, positive feedback from the patrons, and extreme flexibility in shaping game content. The same platform is also available in other Latin American countries, Europe and Asia,” the firm assured.

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