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October 19, 2021

They think the measure would be detrimental to brick-and-mortar venues

Land casino representatives oppose New Jersey online casino law

(US).- A bill which would permit licensed gambling operators in New Jersey to open online casinos is being opposed by the group the bill seeks to aid, Atlantic City casino companies.


espite conditions in the bill which would limit the benefits to themselves, members of the Casino Association of New Jersey denounced a proposal to allow intrastate online casinos, and another to legitimize sports betting. A statement from the association said the eleven Atlantic City casinos feel they would lose more than they would gain by expanding New Jersey gaming.

The bill on Internet casinos would permit licensed casinos within state borders to offer online gambling to customers residing in New Jersey. Although intrastate gambling is not under federal control, association president Joe Carbo wrote to committee members examining the measures that such moves would violate federal law.

Corbo went on to say that online casinos would benefit foreign Internet gaming operators, not instate casinos desperate to end years of plummeting sales. Carbo did not explain how the overseas online gambling operators would circumvent requirements for state licensing.

Joe Brennan of iMEGA addressed Corbo's concerns in a statement released on the group's website. "We advocated all along for the existing Atlantic City casinos to be the apex of this industry and this effort," he said. "The revenue would flow through them."
Brennan allowed online casino companies may end up partnered with the land casinos, due to experience and know-how in the field, but said that was not a given, and would still leave state licensees in the driver's seat.

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