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September 21, 2021

Juan Carlos Zarzoso Ribes, LudWin Group Sales Director Latin America, Spain and Portugal

“We wish to expand in Latin America”

(Spain, exclusive LudWin Group, a company that offers a varied range of services with regards to strategic advice and support for the gaming world, informed, at the beginning of the year, the incorporation of Juan Carlos Zarzoso Ribes as its Sales Director for Latin America, Spain and Portugal. The executive talked to about the performance of his first months in the position.


hich is the evaluation of your first months in LudWin Group?
LudWin Group is a young company, but is comprised by people that share the same philosophy and with a lot of experience in the gaming industry. So we combine both things: the experience achieved for several years in different regions worldwide and in every gaming segment, plus the nerve brought by the new work methods, the new technology and a new approach. After 25 years in the industry, for me it is stimulating to be part of this.

Which will be your main aim for the following months?
Our solutions are based in objectives and strategies of our customers, and not backwards. We do not try to impose them our own hardware or products. On rhw contrary, we want to understand their history, their products, their market and restrictions. From there, according to our experience, we define which the most suitable solutions are for them. It is a different way to do things in our industry.

The markets that are opening in Europe and traditional operators start to face competitors in a field that used to be a complete monopoly. That’s why, considering this evolution, our rapprochement is very interesting for them in their respective markets. We believe the same trend will take place in Latin America in the near future, and we hope we can provide customized solutions to regional operators, too.

What does the Latin American market represents for the company? Which are your projects in the region?
So far I cannot tell you much about our projects in the region due to confidentiality reasons, but Latin America is very important for us. The LudWin Group approach is special because its solutions, no matter if they are based in content, technology, and organization or counseling, require a particular attention and dedication. As I mentioned previously, we do not bring preconceived solutions. We believe Latin America has already suffered due to preconceived solutions, mainly from North America. Latin American operators will be receptive to our philosophy.

Which are the main trends and movements you see in the gaming industry?
Many things are happening at the same time, which is pretty unique:
-The technology is evolving extremely fast. The iPhone is a perfect example.
-Attitudes and behavior of the players, especially from the youngsters, are changing very fast.
-Legislations around the world also evolve towards the incorporation of new technologies such as Internet, and towards the needs of governments to spend less and obtain more income and more free flow of products and services globally.
-Finally, mentalities are changing: gaming used to be bad or something people had to be ashamed of. Now, it is a recreational activity as any other, which comprises a normal growing industry and that generates significant income for public funds and good causes. 

How do you think the French experience in the legislative and regulatory level can be extrapolated to the Latin American countries?
Changes mentioned in the previous answer are taking place all over Europe. For monopolist and centralized organizations, with physical networks of sales, it is extremely hard to face these quick changes and modifications. The fact that technology and laws evolve is not unique, but it is unique to see that these factors change at the same time.
We believe that an organization such as LudWin Group may be of great help for operators, because we have the tools to guide them during these changes.

Who are your main customers?
Our customers range from state operators, the governments, market analysts, private operators and charity organizations worldwide. We are currently present in Europe, Central Asia and Africa. Of course, we wish to expand in Latin America, too.

Which are the main characteristics of your products and services?
We have our own gaming contents as well as our own central software platforms for gaming, sportsbooks or races, but we integrate them to other specialized providers for other aspects of the gaming operations, based, of course, in our experience and understanding of the customers’ requirements. We believe that just one provider cannot supply the whole range of products and services that operators need. Maybe one can adapt better to a certain aspect of the operation, while another one is perhaps better in another issue. The core capacity of LudWin Group is to understand the objectives of the customer, to define the appropriate strategy, select the most suitable hardware or services and integrate everything in one consistent, efficient and cost-effective solution for the customer.

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