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June 22, 2021

Juan Carlos Zarzoso Ribes, Sales Director Latin America- Spain & Portugal - Ludwin Group

“Our solutions are built around the objectives and strategies of our customers”

(Spain, Exclusive Juan Carlos Zarzoso Ribes, Sales Director Latin America- Spain & Portugal of Ludwin Group, granted an interview to, in which he spoke about his position in the company, the characteristics of its products and services, the main goals for the near future and the projects for Latin America. He also analyzed the trends for the gaming industry.


hich is the evaluation of your position as responsible of all the contracts and projects of LudWin Group in Spain, Portugal and Latin America?
LudWin Group is a young company but it is made of people that share the same philosophy and who have been in the gaming industry for a long time. We therefore come with both expertise of several years spent on the ground in various regions of the world and every segment of the gaming industry and the freshness of new methods of work, new technology and therefore a new approach. After all those years spent in the industry (25 years), it is refreshing for me to be part of it.

Which will be your main objective for the following months?
Our solutions are built around the objectives and strategies of our customers, not the other way around. We do not come with our own manufactured hardware or products which we try to impose on our clients. On the contrary, we try to understand their history, their existing products, their environment, their constraints and from there, given our experience, we define the most adapted solutions fro them. This is a different way of doing things in our industry. Markets in Europe are opening and traditional gaming operators are seeing competition coming into a field which used to be a complete monopoly. Our approach is therefore very interesting for them given this evolution of their respective markets. We believe the same trend will happen in Latin America over the next few months and years and hope to be able to provide tailored solutions to gaming operators in this region too.

What does the Latin American market represent for the company? Which are your projects for the region?
I can’t tell you much about our projects in the region for the time being, for confidentiality reasons, but Latin America is very important for us. LudWin Group has a special approach in the sense that its solutions, whether it is based on content, technology, organization or just mere consulting requires a particular attention and dedication. As mentioned, we do not come with pre-conceived solutions. We believe Latin America has suffered from these “pre-conceived” solutions mainly coming from from North America and that operators in the region will be receptive to our philosophy.

Which are the main trends and movements that you can observe in the gaming industry?

Several things are happening at the same time and it is quite unique:

-Technology is evolving extremely rapidly: the Iphone is a perfect example of it;

- The attitude and behaviour of players, especially younger, is changing also very fast;

- The legislations around the world are also evolving due to the intrusion of new technologies such as internet, the needs for Governments to spend less and get more revenues and the more and more free circulation of goods and services around the world

- Last, mentalities are changing: gaming used to be something bad or something which one should be ashamed of. It is now a leisure activity like any other, considered as a normal industry (and a growing one!) which generates significant revenues for public funds and good causes.

In which way do you think you can adapt the experience in France to a legislative and regulatory level in the Latin American countries?
The above changes are happening throughout Europe. It is extremely difficult for monopolistic, centralized organizations, used to deal with brick&mortar sales network, to cope with those amazingly quick changes and modifications. Is it not unique to see technology evolving or laws evolving. But it is unique to see all those factors changing at the same time. We believe that an organization such as LudWin Group can be a great help to gaming operators to help them and guide them through those changes.

Who are your main customers?
We have clients ranging from State gaming operators, governments themselves, market analaysts, private gaming operators as well as charity organizations in all parts of the world.We are currently very present in Europe, Central Asia and Africa and wish, of course, to expand in Latin America.

Which are the main characteristics of your products and services?
We have our own gaming content as well as our own central platforms software for number games, sports betting or racing but we integrate specialized third parties suppliers for every other aspects of the gaming operations, based, of course, on our own expertise and understanding of the customer requirements. We do not believe in the fact that one given supplier can provide the complete range of products and services needed by a gaming operators. One may be more suited on a given aspect of operation when another may be better on another aspect. It is LudWin Group core capacity to understand the customer objectives, define the proper strategy, select the most adapted hardware  or services suppliers and integrate it all in a coherent, efficient and cost effective solution for the customer.

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