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September 24, 2021

Statements by Jeanette Youngerman, Aruze Business Manager

“We are continually examining our options on how to best service our customer base in Latin America”

(US, Exclusive interviewed Jeanette Youngerman, Aruze Business Manager, and Johan Stoop, VP of Latin America and the Caribbean. They spoke about the importance of the Latin American market for the company as well as the strategy for the region. They also talked about the shows in which the firm will participate this year and the range of products that the firm offers.


hat does the Latin American market (Mexico included) mean to Aruze Gaming? 
Jeanette Youngerman: Aruze Gaming America has just recently entered the Latin America Market and the response has been overwhelming. We anticipate a huge market share within the Latin American market over the next couple of years and we are in the process of implementing a superior “customer service’ infrastructure over the next couple of months. 

Which is your strategy for this region? 
J.Y: Our focus is on making great strides in technology and creativity. We have built a remarkable product portfolio over the past year and have many more exciting themes planned for this year which we will be introducing to the US and Latin America Market.  Along with building a solid infrastructure, our team is dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and support. 

Johan Stoop- Vice President of Latin America and Caribbean, said the following: “We see Latin America as an important market both for Aruze Gaming, as an emerging global competitor, and the gaming industry as a whole and are looking to expand our global footprint in Latin America. To become a dynamic force, it is important that a focus is directed towards the expanding and fruitful Latin America market. We look forward to showing our Latin America customers our diverse product portfolio and our innovative game technology and designs.”

In which Latin American’s fair trades have you participated this year?  In which shows will Aruze participate in the coming months? 
J.Y.:Aruze Gaming exhibited for the first time in Latin America at the ELA Mexico which was a great success for us as we were able to close some very lucrative business.  We are scheduled to attend the Panama show and will be exhibiting for the first time at the 2010 SAGSE in Buenos Aires and the 2010 G2E in Las Vegas Nevada.

Which are the main products that you are promoting this year? 
J.Y.:Very welled received this year have been our G-STATION product line including Dealer’s Angels Black Jack and Dealer’s Angels Roulette. Dealer's Angels Black Jack follows standard Blackjack rules, and dealers’ actions are demonstrated by cutting-edge 3D motion capture technology, featuring seven dealers with diverse personalities. Dealer's Angels Black Jack also boasts “Context Sensitive Buttons” which recently won a Casino Journal Award as one of the “Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products of 2009”.

Dealer’s Angels Roulette is just as impressive, with maximized bet time and exciting progressive action. Dealer’s Angels Roulette offers three types of betting options, Standard Betting, Neighbor Betting, and Strategy Betting. It also includes a Pick 4 Progressive, which is a simple side game where players can select four numbers to win extra prizes. The more numbers they match, the bigger the prize.  Both games offer high quality graphics and animation, giving players a thrilling gaming experience. 

Additionally, our G-DELUXE products are experiencing great response due to the many exciting options and features the games contain.  For instance, Rock You Queen which is a 5 reel Hyper Reel game with Rescue Spin and a max bet of 250, features hit Queen songs and videos, that are played throughout bonus rounds.  The Rock You Queen game offers many exciting options and features including the Greatest Hits Feature and the Bicycle Race bonus game.  

Adding to the mix and rounding out our portfolio will be many of our popular G-SERIES game titles  such as Shen Long, Legend of Qin Dynasty III as well as new hits like Showgirl, Giant Panda and Big Challenge Mammoth  in both the reliable G-ENEX cabinet as well as its ergonomically designed G-COMFORT slant tops. 

How are you following the regulation changes that are taking place in this continent (for example in Mexico and Colombia, and the potential opening of the Brazilian market)?

J.Y.:We utilize various sources to monitor regulatory changes world-wide such as print publications, legislative reports, web reports such and local contacts.  Collectively these sources provide an overview of what is occurring in a particular gaming market.  In-depth research is conducted as required.  

Have you closed any sale deals recently? Have you partnered with any Latin American company for commercial representation?

J.Y.: We are continually examining our options on how to best service our customer base in Latin America. Our initial approach is to deal directly with our customers, but we are open to other options such as partnering with local companies where this option makes sense, and if that is what it takes to best place and service our product. The Aruze products are strong and would be a beneficial addition to any gaming floor.


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