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October 27, 2021

Statements by its Latin American General Manager, María Laura Casasola

Magic Dreams has great expectations in the Mexican market

(Mexico).- Since Magic Dreams opened the new commercial office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it’s market share in Latin America has steadily grown. Entering in the Mexican market has been included into the business plan of 2010 as Mexico has recently revealed its high potential. Its GM, María Laura Casasola, talks about the experience of the company in that country.


or Casasola, Mexico is a “must have”, thanks to the growing and development of this sector, Mexico is becoming a key point for gambling trade not only for the Italian company but also for its competitors.

Maria Laura Casasola, MD’s Latam General Manager, has great expectations on Mexico entering: “This market is improving and growing every year thanks also to the introduction of products with a very high technological level. So, not only a growing market but also a challenging proposition for us. We have a great confidence in entering and we plan to be as aggressive as possible; for this reason we offer the latest releases and we will continue with this policy also for the future”.

Magic Dreams has recently carried out its first successful installation in the Viva Mexico Casino in Monterrey. Maria Laura Casasola undelined the satisfaction of the company: “We are very proud of this installation; as we put a number of machines we are happy to say that this has been a very good start for us”.

Mexico is a new country and a new business for Magic Dreams and this means that a careful approach, big investments and strong efforts are needed. The Italian company has included in its commercial strategy for the country a distribution agreement that can make the entering smoother and easier.

Again, Maria Laura Casasola commented: “We always offer the maximum support to all of our customers, we are happy to cooperate and deeply analyse all the figures of our machines in order to create the perfect game mix for each location; as everybody knows our business is very particular, something that can work worldwide can be the worst performer in a location and the customer needs we come back with a rapid solution. This logic is much more valid and important for what regards a new country, we can be pretty sure that our brand new games are good performers but we also must be ready to change our minds”.

“We are taking advantage of the Mexico opportunities, and for that reason; during this year we are going to consolidate our presence and coherently with our strategy we plan to be in ELA the next year showing our latest innovations. ELA has strongly grown and its expected to be one of the key exhibition of the Latin market, we shall not miss this opportunity,” she concluded.

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