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October 28, 2021

It accepts and dispenses multiple note denominations

Innovative Technology presents its Smart Payout

(UK).- The Smart Payout from Innovative Technology is the first payout unit to truly handle multi denomination notes and the second Smart product to be launched by the company this year, along with the Smart Hopper a multi-coin hopper unit.


he Smart Payout accepts and dispenses multiple note denominations. It can accept 80 mixed denomination notes and store them for payout. Ideal for all machines this product has been developed to bring advanced multi-note payout technology to any machine that needs to payout notes.

It is a modular add on for Innovative Technology’s NV200 Bank Note Validator. Notes enter through the NV200 bezel and are securely stored in the Smart Payout for use as change or prizes. The host machine communicates directly with the Smart Payout to set the desired note values for future payouts.

These desired note values are stored within the Smart Payout unit and any other note values travel straight to the NV200 secure cashox. To assist when emptying, all notes in the Smart Payout can be transfered to the NV200 cashbox for easy collection.

Operators can have faith in its security. Notes cannot be manually removed from it, the unit runs on encrypted Smiley Secure Protocol – eSSP and the NV200 has triple lock capability.

Smart Payout Technical Data
- 80 note capacity (mixed denominations)
- 80 note payout (mixed denominations)
- Combined dimensions: 114x362x 98 mm
- Combined weight: 5.5kg
- Power supply: 12v
- eSSP protocol
- USB on board


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