“The Mexican market is improving and growing every year” | Yogonet International
Interview to Adolfo de los Ríos, general director of Metronia in Mexico (Bemex)

“The Mexican market is improving and growing every year”

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What balance can you make of ELA Mexico? Which results did the firm obtain at the show?
We highly value the second edition of ELA in Mexico City. The balance has been extremely positive, not only from the commercial point of view, but also from the point of view of the sector.

Which was the feedback by operators and the public in general?
Both local operators and the public in general evaluated with optimism an exhibition in which they have verified that they may find all the solutions they need, with regards to quality and prestige, without having to visit exhibitions in other countries. 

How do you see the Mexican market? Which is its potential?
The Mexican market is improving and growing every year thanks to the trusting participation of the best products, brands and manufacturers in the international market. The aim is noble and clear: to consolidate an offer in the technological field as well as in management and top quality and a request of healthy and responsive entertainment. After more than five years in this way, the potential still has all the energy of a young market full of interest and capacity to do things right, despite still having a shy demand.

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