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September 23, 2021

Interview to Rosa Mateo, Commercial Director of Unidesa for Latin America

“The Mexican market still has margin for growth”

(Mexico, exclusive Unidesa participated in the third ELA edition recently held in Mexico. Rosa Mateo, its commercial director for Latin America, granted an interview to There, she pointed that there are still changes to be seen in this country due to the fact that, at a legislative level, the market is not consolidated yet.


hich was your experience in this year’s ELA edition? Which were the main products that you chose to showcase to the Mexican market?
Since Class III started in Mexico a year ago, we had the chance of, somehow, evaluate the market through the company Pringsa, belonging to Cirsa. We already have the experience to know what is working well in this country. We are finding the niche of reels with combinations of multi-progressives, which is what we have brought. We also presented our new cabinet, which is a slant top for video or for reel, and the latest videoslot games, which are working very well.

Which was the feedback from operators? On top of Pringsa, Which was the feedback from other operators?
I note some fear. I saw the conferences on reel machines and Class II machines that had a bad experience, but everyone consider that there is a niche of reel machines because it is happening globally. In the games of chance in the casino sector, sometimos the operator has to experiment. We are facing a public that has to be trained. It is a public that has to be taught and supported. Somehow, we have to be patient. According to our experience, we know that a machine that may operate well in the North of the country perhaps does not succeed in the Center. However, I think Unidesa collection, which is very strong technically, is finding a niche in Mexico. We are also preliminary discussions with many operators.

What do you think about the current situation in Mexico and what do you think of the near future? Will it continue with its exponential or explosive growth or will that growth stop?
I think we still will see big changes in Mexico, because it is not consolidated at a legislative level. There is a decree by the end of March that has to be implemented with online gaming. I think that, anyhow, it will be standardized as every market. The country still has margin for growth. We are not considering real table games. I think they still have future, but with the ups and downs due to legislative changes that have to be performed, because it is clear that there is a trend and a regulatory will, which are very important for our industry.

Which is your opinion on this third ELA edition?
I think the show has been very well positioned and very well organized; we all have been very comfortable and had quite a good level of public. Many providers assisted to the show, and those who came are the right ones.

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