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September 19, 2021

Principal findings of the slot managers conference, held within EY!10 Encuentro Yogonet Mexico

“Class III has transformed the Mexican market in less than a year”

(Mexico, exclusive Last week, representatives of Pringsa, Televisa, CIE and Codere - Grupo Caliente gathered in the conference “Slots Managers: What does the Mexican operator buy today”, held within the first Encuentro Yogonet, that took place in Mexico City. The four executives of the sector made clear that the arrival of Class III machines has marked a milestone in the national operations.


fter an introduction by Carlos Carrión, moderator of the talk and director of Sales and Operations of Aristocrat Mexico; Agustín Nieto, manager of Electronic Play of Televisa Group, pointed that, with regards to the taste of the bettors, “there are regions that prefer the reel terminals, specially in the Northern area of the country, while in the center there are more players focused to Latin bingo. That’s why it is not possible to face a global strategy in operations, because there are big differences between players in one region or another.”

Julián López, director de Operations of Grupo Pringsa, reaffirmed the concept, assuring that “the tastes of the players are strongly influenced by the surrounding zones to each venue. The North of the country prefers the video-reel and multi-game machines, while in the Center of Mexico, bingo is people’s favourite”.

For Juan José Rivas, CIE director of Games, “in Mexico we have a very strong bingo culture. That’ why the transicion from traditional bingo to videobingo was the most remarkable change in zones such as Guadalajara, for example”.

When analyzing the arrival of Class III machines, Carlos Carrión assured that its arrival has “revolutionized the Mexican market”. Rivas reaffirmed this by pointing: “Nowadays, almost all our machines are Class III. In our case, we have converted around 4,000 machines to this format, which offers many more options of products to the player”.

“We currently have new players with Class III, because we achieved to attract a new segment of bettors that are fond of more traditional casino games. The poker tables in the Texas Hold’em type, of course, now attract younger players, generating a new flor of visitors, which renews the hall and helps the growth of the operation”, reaffirmed Nieto.

For Luis Casamayor, director of Product of Codere in the country, “the main attraction is the variety offered by Class III. Just a year ago, we were just operating with Class II, with very different mathematics, and a public accustomed to this market. That’s why we must be careful and achieve a methodical transicion towards Class III, in order to help this market grow, to accustom to the new product and like this type of machines.”

López assured that, in his case, “the arrival of Class III marks a milestone. Before their arrival, there were multiple limitations in games, options and in the number of manufacturers. Today we have much more chances, products and developments, which open interesting visions and new challenges to gaming operators.”

“Before, the market worked with a high level of machines in participation. Nowadays, the arrival of Class III allows to think in more purchase volume, which makes an enormous difference after and before the arrival of those products,” added the representative of Grupo Pringsa.

According to Casamayor, “Nowadays, providers offer different models, but trend is to start migrating each time to a greater extent towards the purchase of equipments, because the growth and the strength of the market allows to make more and better investments.”

Nieto pointed that “the Mexican market is still very young, and requires a lot of development and learning. Changes are still very abrupt, such as the one we experimented from Class II to Class III, but, as long as the development is sharp, the purchase model will have more priority day after day, so it will be a model to follow in the long term. Now, that we are still in an expansion stage, may be the participation model is more popular.”

“For a long time, we have accustomed the player to a very limited offer, and nowadays we count with new sensations, thematic games, multi-level jackpots...which allows an increment of our public and a new scenario for our gambling rooms. The arrival of Class III also allows to start working with concepts such as WAP, a product that competes with the lottery or with massive gaming, which generates very attractive jackpots. For those who manage gambling venues in the country, this type of developments are key in the short-term”, added Casamayor.

Finally, and analyzing the factors that define the purchase of equipments in big Mexican groups, Julián López pointed: “We currently have different important points when buying. Among them, it is important to remark the financing offered by the international manufacturer above the resellers of machines, added to the experience of international companies, the deadlines for the delivery and the innovation capacity of the provider. If we add a good post-sales service, I think we have the reason why the big operational groups in the Mexican market take the decision to choose big international manufacturers of equipments.”

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