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September 22, 2021

With focus in MEI Cashflow SC bill validator and FutureLogic GEN2 ticket printer

Suzo Happ reports positive results at ELA show in Mexico

(Mexico).- The Suzo Happ Group exhibited at the ELA exhibition in Mexico City last May 6-7. The Mexican market can choose from a whole range of products thanks to the Suzo Happ strategy of ‘best-in-class’ products, and its solutions received a strong interest in the country.


herefore, the firm is a key supplier to the global gaming market. Indeed, Suzo Happ has grown to be the leading component supplier in the industry by offering the highest quality products to the industry, be they manufactured in-house or supplied by leading component manufacturers.

Fred Brendel, Vice President of Sales of Suzo Happ North America commented, “The response from the market has been excellent. The transition to Class III machines here means that the market is demanding more and more the highest quality components and the market sees Suzo Happ playing a very important role here.

Suzo Happ can already cite several examples of success with Signs4U. Suzo Happ is the South American partner for Signs4U and the transition to Class III machines means that casinos are looking for more up-market solutions such as provided by Signs4U.

Suzo Happ furthermore underlined its proactive approach by exhibiting the MEI Cashflow SC bill validator and the FutureLogic GEN2 ticket printer. At this moment in time there is no cash in or out in the slots machines – an electronic card is used for play and wins.

Asked why Suzo Happ is focusing on these products at the Mexican ELA exhibition,  Brendel explained, “We are taking a proactive approach. We have global experience of the benefits of TITO. We are exhibiting MEI and FutureLogic to strengthen the awareness of these products in the marketplace. The Mexican gaming laws have been changing and we are very well placed to support the market should there be a movement to TITO”.

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