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September 23, 2021

Within ELA 2010

Money laundering will be one of the main issues to be treated during EY!2010 Congress Mexico

(Mexico).- Yogonet announced that, as part of its series of conferences to be held in Mexico City within ELA Exhibition, it will dedicate a space to the issue “Money laundering in the gaming sector”. It will be in charge of Heliodoro Giner (head of the Spanish Casino Association), and will take place May 7th at 12,45 hs in Salón Palacio de Iturbe 1 and 2, Banamex Center.


oney laundering supposes a risk for the economical and political stability of the countries, because it may attack their basic pillars of organization. It is a mutable phenomenon and a highly complex, that may make use of any economic sector in order to legitimate money that comes from crime.

In the speech, Heliodoro Giner (head of the Spanish Casino Association) will explain why money laundering is so dangerous for the economies of the countries, and will also talk about its impact in the gaming industry. That’s why the risk in the different types of gaming will be analized, both in casinos and lotteries, with special focus in the most significant international typology.

An important chapter will refer to the new gaming markets and the risks they present, especially, the phenomenon of online gaming, poker and sportsbooks.

The talk will be for free, and will be held within ELA Mexico 2010 and people interested  in assisting to this or another talk, will have to suscribe previously in:

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