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August 03, 2021

The talk will be held May 7th in Mexico City

Mexico: EY!10 to offer an important space to recent “Online Supervision Decree”

(Mexico).- Yogonet authorities added an important talk to the series of conferences to be held in Mexico next month, within ELA exhibition. Under the title: Online Supervision Decree in Mexico: technical regulation status for its compliance”, a free conference on the issue will be held May 7th at 10,15 in Salón Palacio de Iturbe 1 y 2, Banamex Center.


ast March 31st, the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico published in the Official Bulleting a modification in the Tax Code Updates 2010, where it imposes a rule in which it includes the obligation of the online supervision for the record and control of the industry of games of chance, betting and draws.

In it, the deadlines of compliance are set. In certain cases, they start July 1st, 2010. The aim of this session to be developed in EY!20100 Mexico is to bring our visitors an overview
on the issues that the Federal Law on Metrology and Normalization establishes in the Mexican regulation process: the different entities and committees that involves the processes that marks, the current legal conditions of the industry, the requirements that regulate NYCE norms named in the official publication and those requirements that do not regulate such norms of the named decree.

Besides, it will be analyzed the status related to laboratorios and organisms of certification and verifying units that must be involved in the process, the deadlines that the System of Evaluation of Consent in Mexico needs to be ready, and bring the industry the necessary security of compliance, on top of the analysis the possible ways of compliance that manufacturers and operators have, from the point of view of the Certification entity, and which are the necessary deadlines and procedures in a certification.

The session will bring a clear overview on the issue, that will clear up doubts and questions with regards to the Mexican certification process. The talk will have free access, and will be held within ELA Mexico 2010. People interested in assisting to this or another talk, will have to suscribe previously in:


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