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October 28, 2021

To be held within ELA exhibition in Mexico City

Yogonet officially launches its Series of Conferences EY! 2010 Mexico

(Mexico).- Organizers of Yogonet announced the preliminary program of talks for its series of conferences EY!2010 Encuentro Yogonet Mexico. Around 20 international speakers will participate in the event, which counts with the institutional support of the Association of Games and Draws Licensees in Mexico, and the sponsorship of Casinos de Latinoamérica, Konami, Aristocrat, Betstone and Bally Technologies.


Y!2010 Encuentro Yogonet Mexico will be held May 6-7 in Salón Palacio de Iturbe 1 and 2, the modern convention center located inside Banamex Center in Mexico City. The venue will be specially fitted-out to receive national and foreign authorities and executives.

The event counts with the institutional support of the Association of Games and Draws Licensees in Mexico, and the sponsorship of Casinos de Latinoamérica, Konami, Aristocrat, Betstone and Bally Technologies.

Besides, it was announced that this first Mexican edition will offer a program in which all the issues of interest related to the local and regional gambling sector will be analyzed, as well as subjects that reflect the needs and interests of the operators and manufacturers from Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

The entrance will be free for the public in general, previous accreditation through the official website of the event:

The preliminary program was already confirmed, and counts with the following talks:

DAY 1 – MAY 6th

8.30 hs. Registration

9.00 hs. Current situation and future of gaming in Mexico
A group of licensed operators will analyze the current situation of the industry, its problems and its potentiality. The arrival of Class III and its influence in the current operation; illegal gaming in the country and the long term vision of the market will be some of the issues to be treated.

- Alfonso Perez Lizaur
- Codere

10.15 hs. Class III arrives in Mexico
One of the most popular slots worldwide starts to spread in the Mexican market. The advantages for the operator, the attraction for players. Directors of important companies dedicated to the development of these machines will talk about its characteristics.

- Aristocrat
- Bally
- Konami

11.30 hs. Mexico and its challenge in the Certification of Equipments
NYCE, an entity in charge of the regulation of certifications and verifications, has just issued its first certificate for the games and draws industry in Mexico. Operators, manufacturers and laboratories talk about this new experience for the local market and analyze the advantages of its implementation.

- GLI Laboratories
- Codere
- Atracciones Plus
DAY 2– MAY 7th

8.30 hs. Registration

9.00 hs. Slots Managers: What does the Mexican operator buy today
Many things are said about Class II and Class III machines, but few people know so much about them as the Slots Managers, specialists that work every day with two very different factors: the advantages of the latest technologies and the taste of the customer, the main  thermometer when establishing an investment plan.
Knowing its concepts, its opinions and its strategies is the aim of the conference “Slot Managers: what does the Mexican operator buy today,” in which specialists of some of the main gambling chains of the country will be present in order to comment their experiences.

- Codere

10.15 hs. Class II: new trends and technologies
Despite the arrival of Class III slots, video-lottery, video-poker and video-bingo games continue being popular in the national casinos. A panel of manufacturers will speak about the new trends of this type of developments and will analyze the evolution of Class II.

- Bally

11.30 hs. Security and Prevention of fraud in gambling venues
The technological advance is not only used to improve the security and productivity in the industry, but with it also evolve the different techniques to carry on criminal deceptions.
Zacarías Leone, Director of Consulting firm ZLSSC, will be in charge of showing  devices and techniques used to cheat and rob inside gambling venues, and at the same time will analize the most resounding cases and how technology helos to avoid different fraud scenarios. Besides, the new trends in robberies and fraud in the industry will also be mentioned, according to records of well-know international companies such as Griffin Investigations from Las Vegas.

- Zacarías Leone

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