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September 28, 2021

Statements by Benjamín González Roaro, director of the National Lottery of Mexico

“We continue being a reliable entity”

(Mexico, exclusive Benjamín González Roaro officially assumed as Director of the National Lottery of Mexico (Lotenal) last June, after the accusations against the former director, Miguel Ángel Jiménez Godínez, due to irregular hiring practises in advertising. In an interview with, González Roaro made a balance on his nine months of management and talked about the new initiatives of the entity.


ith regards to the situation at the moment he assumed his position, he indicated that Lotenal has hept static and at the margins of the required modernization. Besides, he added: “We cannot deny political problems that took place in previous administrations, which worsened the image of this institution.” Although he remarked that “it is still a trustable entity”.

“The issue with regards to the behaviour of previous directors is out of the scope of my responsibilities. The Judicial Power is in charge of investigating possible faults to the rule that regulates the National Lottery. The issue (the situation of former director Miguel Ángel Jiménez Godínez) I understand it has already been declared inadmissible, or, in other words: the case was closed by legal authorities a couple of months ago,” he declared.   

Among the initiatives that had been presented under his mandato, he listed: the modification of the traditional printed ticket; the institution of the new popular draw “El Gordito” with a record of sales between 75 to 80% on average; and the release of the Álbum of Collectable Stamps with the images of the heroes and national heroes of the nation, due to the 200 years of the Mexican Independence and the 100th anniversary of the Revolution.

At the beginning of the current year, it was released “Cachito Móvil”, a product addressed to youngsters, that may have access through cell phone. Now, Internet may also be used to purchase a ticket. It is “Mi”, an additional virtual series that may be acquired through the computer, charged to the credit, debit or pre-paid card.

“The result of the sales of new online products is still not reflected in a real manner. The draw “Cachito Móvil” has been in the market for a short time, and “Mi” started yesterday, so we do not know it accurately, but we are sure, due to surveys previously held, that two products will penetrate favourably in an important sector of the population, mainly youngsters,” commented González Roaro. 

Besides, he indicated that one of the financial targets will be to increase, between a 7 and a 15%, the sales of the different products, a goal that he assures is reasonable, because, so far, sales have increased in a suitable way. “One of the reasons for which we are optimistic, is that the administration I represent has been focused to increase authorized agencies and the points of sale in the whole country, through the call to public tenders, which allow the awarding of more and better tenders in a clear and transparent way for the exercise of this business,” he pointed.

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