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June 21, 2021

It can be used on any traditional roulette table

TCS John Huxley presents its Double Action Roulette Wheel

(London).- TCS John Huxley’s new Double Action Roulette Wheel promises to be a revolutionary new approach to operating live roulette. It was launched at IGE this year.


ased on the world famous Mark VII Roulette Wheel this patented wheel is unique in that it delivers two winning numbers from a single spin.  It has two sets of numbers situated in opposing order on the wheel. When the ball falls, it marks two numbers per spin, one in each set.

The Double Action table layout that is used in conjunction with the wheel consists of two identical betting areas. Each betting area accommodates bets for one of the two sets of numbers on the wheel. In addition, a third area called the Double Action Track is provided for placing bets on a double number occurring. This exciting betting option pays a huge 1,200 to 1.

Double Action Roulette has no complicated rules or slow operating procedures and can be used on any traditional roulette table.  With its amazing odds and dual number wagers, players will be instantly attracted to this fantastic new roulette game.

Double Action
- A perfect platform for side bet development
- A fun version of roulette that increases table drop whilst retaining strong house edge
- Single zero or double zero configuration
- No specialist dealer training required
- Easy to play Double Action game layout
- Exciting Double Action Track game pays a huge 1,200 to 1
- Does not affect standard roulette rules
- No complicated electronics required
- Use on any traditional live roulette table
- Available in an extensive range of colour finishes, turret, pocket and veneer choices

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