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September 18, 2021

It is a unique lottery system on Russian market

All-Russian lottery “NovoloT” will sponsor a forum on Red Square

(Russia).- November 20 decree of President of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev was issued (Decree-3083 dated to 20.11.2009) about carrying out the sixth forum “Ready to labor and defence of Russia!” on Red Square, where All –Russian lottery “NovoloT” will act as a official partner and sponsor.


ll-Russian lottery “NovoloT” is a unique lottery system on Russian market. Suggested by “Alsart” company, “NovoloT” is an optimal decision for opening of lottery centers.  System fully fulfills Russian legislation in a sphere of lottery and allows not only creating new legal business but affords ground for long-time perspectives of stable development. Due to generally accepted classification in Russia “NovoloT” is a combined lottery.

Lottery programmes has a bright graphic and rich sound providing fascinating process of drawing of lottery giving players bright impressions and unforgettable emotions. The aims of the forum “Ready to labor and defence of Russia!” are: to give impulse for sportsmanship both civil and patriotic upbringing among youth, inspire to go in for sport; to favour common health improvement and increasing employability of population, combating with negative asocial occurrence (criminality, drug addition, drunkenness) by popularization of mass sport and healthy life-style.

It also aims to strengthen positive motherland and law and order’s defenders character; favour the attraction of youth to armed forces and other military and policing branch of government and unite public organizations and business corporations under the aegis interested state structures for realization of the aims.

Regular special assessments from holding a lottery “NovoloT” turn for governmental aims’ solution assistance in training of young generation fulfillment of a constitutional motherland defence obligation, violation of law prevention, drug addition, drunkenness, asocial occurrence by popularization of healthy life-style, inspire to go in for sport and socially useful activity.

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