Actress Magdyel Ugaz to be the new image of Intralot Peru's Rapitinkas | Yogonet International
She will contribute her image to lottery game RapiMagdyel

Actress Magdyel Ugaz to be the new image of Intralot Peru's Rapitinkas

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The winners of the company's various games were rewarded in a press conference with an amount superior to us$ 281,084, as were the most distinguished sales representatives of the month.

Michael Angulo, Marketing Manager, Not Numerical Unit Business, Intralot Peru, stated that RapiMagdyel's instantaneous lottery will deliver up to us$ 235,408 in prizes. Each RapiMagdyel has a value of us$ 0.35 and gives people the possibility to win up to us$ 1,756.

The game will have three series in which Magdyel represents three sides: Magdyel as model, as chef and as star. Each series will have five different images and in total will contain 15 different designs for RapiMagdyel, assuring fun and gain. The popular television actress is very happy that Intralot has decided to link her charismatic figure to one of its successful games and has invited the Peruvian people to continue tempting luck and have the chance to earn thousands in cash.

Lottery sales representatives who distinguished themselves that month, demonstrating commitment and tenacity were rewarded: Marisol Cabrera Díaz and Flor Roque Corrales. Jesus Hilda Zevallos Vargas was recognized for having reached her goals as associate agent of Intralot de Peru.

Us$ 283,020 in prizes were later given out to March correspondent winners. The most substantial prize of us$ 119.288 went to Segundo Wenceslao Díaz Vallejos, Chiclayo's city, thanks to Ganagol. Cinthia Patricia Vizarreta Bardales of Ica won us$ 21,081 with RapiGana/Sueldazo, and Guillermo Próspero Chuquitucto Mostacero earned us$ 17,567 with the Sí o Sí promotion of Tinka.

Also with the promotion the Sí o Sí Tinka game, Cinthia Gianella Domínguez Bautista and Hugo Yrrazábal Cobarrubias, both of Lima, won us$ 17,567 each. Meanwhile, Oscar Pedro Maguiña Quispe, Antonio Farromeque Gonzáles and Marco Antonio Orizano Zevallos, took home a new Hyundai Accent car, thanks to El Reventón. With the same game, Jose Suárez Carrasco and Leoncio Terrones Moscada won us$ 5,270 each.

Ganagol, the sports betting game, also rewarded its faithful followers. Fernando Ocupa Campoverde and Luis Crecencio Huaraca Algoner earned us$ 6,687, while Segundo Díaz Verde and Jose Carlos Salazar Córdova won us$ 7,255 and us$ 11,376 respectively. Finally, through instantaneous lotteries, Juan Paul Kadena Nakaima earned us$ 4,216 through the game Sueldazo of Rapigana, whereas Teófilo Frías Trelles took home us$ 1,756 with the same lottery's game Zodiaco. Curiously, the last winner commented that he had the winning ticket from November of last year.

In the press conference, the principal executives of Intralot Peru, Vangelis Apostolakopoulos, Executive President and General Manager, and  Milena Chávez, Chief of Public Relations and Communications, expressed their thanks to the winners for trusting in the lottery games and invited Peruvians allover the country to continuing playing.

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