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October 20, 2021

Statements by Salvador Sánchez Abarca, Service Operations Manager for TI of NYCE

“The industry was the one that has proposed the development of the certification rules for equipments in Mexico”

(Mexico, exclusive NYCE, entity in charge of the regulation of certification and verifications, has just issued the first certificate for the games and draws industry in Mexico. Alfastreet electronic roulette is the first gaming device that obtained the certification. Salvador Sánchez Abarca, Service Operations Manager for TI of NYCE, pointed that they are sure that certification will be boosted on the current year.


onsidering that the entity exists since 1994, Why did you decide to enter in the certification of games and draws in 2006?

In the first 10 years of life of NYCE, its activities had been traditionally related to the industry of electronics and telecommunications, but in the last seven years, we have given a very important boost to the area of information technology; in that period, NYCE has developed more than 50 Mexican norms for this sector, that comprise areas of system development, software metric, information security and maturity model. Inside those areas, there are the eight norms of games and draws that have been published to date, listing this issue in the range of competence of the information technologies.


What does the agreement you have with Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) consist of?

Since 2007, GLI has been a very important technological ally for NYCE. It has given us its 20-year experience as test lab and control, achieving that, in little time, NYCE had been able to develop the infraestructure and necessary capacities to offer the certification service for games and draws, based in the Mexican norms that the industry developed for this market.


After this support, it placed a very important role in NYCE experience as certification entity, to be able to be accredited before the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA), complying this way with the Mexican laws in the evaluation of conformity. Currently, GLI and NYCE work together to achieve that this certification sheme is a procedure adopted by the Mexican gaming industry as part of its maturity process.


What companies and institutions of the sector support you? With whom have you signed agreements?

NYCE is a non-profit civil association comprised by several leading companies in the market of electronics, telecommunications and TI’s. Besides, we have been accredited by  EMA, which brings official validity to the documents we issue. We have signed a cooperation agreement with the Association of Games and Draws Licensees, to support the certification sheme that NYCE has developed. We have signed a technological agreement with GLI and most of the manufacturers have expressed their interest in the Mexican certification, which we are sure will explode in 2010 with the support of the whole industry.


Is the certification mandatory? If so, which will be the sanction for the companies that do not obtain it?

Currently, the certification of systems and electronic devices under NMX norms is voluntary, and that’s where its strenght lies, because the industry was the one that has proposed the development of such norm and has started the certification process of its products. The forfeit for those that install non-certified equipment in the Mexican casinos will mean the gradual loss of confidence from players and the discredit they will obtain for keeping out of the process, as if they tried to hide something.


How does NYCE work with the Mexican state?

Historically, NYCE has been an example of transparence, honesty, impartiality and compliance with the Mexican legislation. It has been achived through the strict attachment to the national and international norm. We are constantly evaluated by Mexican authorities (Secretary of Economy) and by EMA, to know the degree of attachment to such norm (Federal Law on Federal Metric and Normalization and its Regulation, the ISO/IEC norms 9000, ISO/IEC 065, ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17025). We are members of the National Commission of Normalization, in which all the offices of the federal government participate; we participate in the Technical Committees of National and International Normalization and Regional Committees.

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