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October 19, 2021

Interview to Sim Bielak, VP Sales of Global Gaming

Cashcode presents new solutions at recent IGE event

(UK, exclusive Sim Bielak, VP Sales of Global Gaming of CashCode, granted an interview to within IGE event, held last month in London. He commented the main products exhibited by the company, as well as the response from operators, and also spoke about the goals that the firm is facing for the current year.


fter a challenging 2009, how is the company facing this 2010 and which are the goals for the current year?
For 2010 we are obviously expecting a better year as everyone does, compared to 2009. I don’t think we are going to see a dramatic improvement, but definitely we’ve seen positive signs here at the show, talking to our customers, and just generally in the economy, things are starting to look better.

What did the company decide to showcase in London? What are the most important products you are exhibiting here?
For the casino market, we have our CashCode one bill validator. We lauched this product late 2008, and then, more recently, during G2E 2009, we came out with a new feature, called oneCheck, which is a cash management solution that we developed with Nanoptix, the printer company.

With the oneCheck we are able to provide performance data and also financial information, with no incremental cost for the operator, unlike other competitor’s solutions that are RFID based with a significant cost. We also have a few unique features such as the “player dispute” report and at the slot “performance reports for both the BV & printer”.

I’ll give you an example: if a customer is in a casino claims to have played 1,000 pesos but in reality it was really only 100 pesos, the attendant at the machine can push the button twice and we print out receipt on the printer which verifies the last 5 bills/ticket inserted. The operator can then verify it in the onscreen menu on the slot machine as well with the security cage staying closed, so this helps resolve player disputes on the spot.

Another example is when the customer says the machine is not accepting my money or someone says it is not printing tickets properly the attendant can press the same button four times, and print out a report in real time at the slot machine the BV firmware, serial number, acceptance rate, jam rate, you can also get similar performance information on the printer as well if the printer doesn’t work, it is just as important. Again with no special tools!

Now obviously they have to go and do a drop at some point. To drop the machine, they push the button, hold it for less than 3 seconds, and then we print out a 2D Barcode report that goes inside the validators, and we stack it. Once we finished stacking it the cashbox is then a hotbox. Then you have to clear the box and the operator goes to the back room with the money inside from the cashbox taken out. They check it, scan it with a barcode scanner linked to our database tool that takes all the analytics- and also can link into the money sorting machine.

Is it available for the international market?
This solution is available for all markets worldwide and is ideally suited to TITO markets such as Argentina & Chile.

Which is the response you had from operators here?
Operators love this solution and some of the unique features however the thing they like the most is the cost savings they get added functionality with zero cost! We are giving more to the operator.

How was the show for the company? Was it a positive presence here?
Definitely, this year the show was much better than last year; I think the attendance overall was down but the quality of the customers is better, in terms of talking about real business. We are talking with the decision makers so it is encouraging.

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