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September 24, 2021

Interview to Rosa Mateo, Commercial Director of Unidesa for Latin America

“Unidesa bet on IGE due to the appeal of its reels”

(UK, exclusive Within IGE 2010, held in London last January 26-28, interviewed in exclusive Rosa Mateo, commercial director of Unidesa for Latin America, who presented the new products of the firm.


hat products did Unidesa present this year in London event?
The London event, in a way, shows us the platform of the trends we will have during the year. We have modernized the reels of the company, Unidesa reel machines are very successful; there are historical and succesful titles as well. We have changed them to the new platform, to our In Action model machine. It is with regards to an individual machine, because all may be linked to a great collection.

We have also presented a mixed machina, with a multi-progressive, which is reel based. This may have bonus and additional games, as long as in the third reel it appears the drawing of a roulette, so we pass to the superior game to keep on adding points and win

Following the line of our multi-game machines, we have the Pick a Game, now called Pick Up Poker. There is a casino sector that loves playing poker with machines. Even if it is a 5 or  4%, it must be like a restaurant: one has to have an offer for that customer, too. That’s wh we have created Pick Up Poker, where you can choose from 12 different poker equipments, all with multi-denomination.

Which was the response of the public to those equipments, returning to the classic format of Unidesa?
The response was very good. As an example, I can quote the head of an important Italian casino, who was excited and said “My machines! I had 100 machines of this model”, but he had to take them off his casino because they were old. He said: “I have been moved by the machines, so we will perform a purchase order again.” This is very positive for us.

What was your impression of IGE 2010?
I think the cold weather had an influence on this, with less Latin American visitors, where everyone is enjoying its holidays and wonderful temperatures. However, I think the makret is more animated, although the crisis has not finished yet.

How do you see the market, considering that the crisis is coming to an end?
I think in 2010 people will be preparing for the future. In a way, people knows that they cannot go on without investments, without having new titles. The customer wants novelties. I always say that the mood has a big influence in the economy of the countries, and if we think of the economy of the companies or the personal economy, there’s a moment in which people say. “Well, even I will earn the same money, I will go out to dinner, I will buy a dress, I will invest.” I think that, in some way, the frame of mind of operators is better, and the market is improving.

Which are the places that Unidesa will focus in 2010?
We are focused in Europe; the French and Italian markets, especially.  We are also present in Africa. Morocco is also an important place for us, and then Latin America: Panama –despite all the problems and legislative changes, Argentina, and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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