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June 24, 2021

Despite the measures taken by the government to curb online gambling

Malaysian online gambling continues to rise

(Malaysia).- Macau is the gambling capital of Asia but many global factors have pushed the region into a recession. Investors and administrators in Macau are moving their focus to nations like Malaysia to get them through these tough financial times.


alaysia is important to Macau because it receives a massive number of tourists and gamblers from that country every year. Malaysia allows most forms of gambling, but there is only one casino within the country, and many residents feel that if they really want to gamble, they might as well visit the gambling capital of Macau.

Flights leave the capital of Kuala Lampur 3 times per day, and 3-4 times weekly from other major cities within the country. In 2009, their were roughly 286,000 visitors from Malaysia to Macau. With several forms of entertainment available in Macau, Malaysians tend to spend most of their time gambling at the casinos in Macau.

The Malaysian government has taken measures to curb online gambling by blocking some of the online gambling sites and banning all online gambling transactions. Malaysians that want to gamble can easily get around these restrictions. The slight decline in Malaysians visiting Macau each year could be due to the financial crisis, but experts say that it is likely due to a rise in people gambling online.

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