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September 25, 2021

Max Lindenberg, AGI's Marketing & Business Development Director

“Novomatic is pushing forward extremely strongly in new technologies”

(UK).- Max Lindenberg, AGI's Marketing & Business Development Director, and David Orrick, Director Communications & Business Development, granted an interview to at IGE show in London, where they spoke about the novelties presented by the company, the new developments and how server-based games are accepted in the different gaming markets.


he last time we met in Las Vegas, you told me you were waiting for IGE because it was the most important show for Novomatic. Now in London, we can see this is really the big show for you. What can you tell me about the novelties you are presenting here?
David Orrick: Well, first of all, more important than the numbers of the crowd is the fact that the people that came here are the people we want to see. They are serious people that are doing serious business. The first day of the show was an excellent day. Real business was done. It was absolutely excellent.

And what novelties did Novomatic decide to exhibit here?
Max Lindenberg: In London, for the first time, we’ve been able to integrate our UK subsidiary Astra Games exhibiting novelties the UK market, as well as for its own international export markets.ASTRA is displaying an innovative system, named Novo Remote Gaming System (NRGS), which is a server-based online system that enables us to offer customers sports betting, online gaming and casino slot gaming all on just at one system.

This is a completely new development…
ML: This is a brand new technology available now for the UK market, and the resulting application “iBet” is certain to have a great impact on the UK market. Actually one of our focuses this year is server-based gaming solutions. On show here in London is a big installation of the brand new Indigo VLT System. Indigo, a server-based gaming solution, offers the possibility to install VLT (Video Lottery Terminals) where they are regulated in different international markets, but also server-based gaming, downloadable gaming, according to the needs of each jurisdiction. The system brings the operator the opportunity to create his own game mix, to just pick games out from our range of games, which caters for their guests’ preferences. An easy configuration and maintenance and online monitoring in real time down to each single machine are more advantages of this highly innovative, unique server based gaming solution.

How do you see the SBG? Is it something that you think the market is ready to start using more often?
ML: We have had this technology in the pipeline for a long time, and it has always been our strategy to keep it in the development process until the right time to go to market. Now there are certain markets that are regulated accordingly and will take advantage of this technology, e.g. Italy. There are also others that are sure to come because of one of its main advantages – the ability for direct connection to financial authorities and regulatory bodies. We are sure there are a lot of other markets ready to regulate this technology.

Do you think Latin America is one of the markets that in the future will accept SBG?
DO:  It’s also related to who is asking for the technology. It’s a different business model when a corporation pioneers a technology by its own initiative to when the market is requesting that technology. Of course the market must invest in solutions if they want to see what we have, that’s why we are exhibiting Indigo here, but the appeal of and the requests for that product are global.

ML: So the version of the Indigo product depends on the different regulatory requirements, it may be a VLT system but is also able to offer downloadable and server-based gaming slot gaming.
Another product series which is presented on Indigo is our Indigo Novo Unity II concept, our electronic live table games offering a great range of games including Baccarat, Roulette, Black Jack and novelties such as the new 3 Card and Caribbean Stud Poker. Both poker versions are available in a virtual Flying version and also as a TouchBet-version operated by a dealer, here at the show via a magnificent TCS table which integrates the Novomatic Novo-Bar bar top cabinet. In the near future we will also be able to interconnect multiplayer products together with slots, so that gives guests the opportunity change from electronic live games to slot machines without leaving their seat, just by fingertip.

With these novelties Novomatic’s concept is to bring an operator a complete portfolio of products offering all kind of options…
DO: Of course, absolutely. You are already familiar with Novomatic’s concept of duality, more or less 50/50 split between to manufacturing and operations. We are now opening the third front that, for a generic name we can call Internet gaming. There’s an important development that was announced here at the show, which is that Astra has acquired a majority shareholding in leading Internet company, Greentube. This operation effectively doubles the size of Astra Games Limited, and, together with all the technology that we have at the moment plus the NRGS we’ve talked about, opens up a new business stream for Novomatic in a joint cooperation with Astra.
This is a completely new business stream that is very exciting for us. So together with the Indigo Platform and the server-based solution you can see we are pushing forward extremely strongly, extremely well in new technologies.

ML: Talking about the existing technologies, we also have to to mention another new platform operated in the internationally well known Gaminator cabinet we are presenting: Coolfire I+. On this new platform we can make Coolfire II content available plus especially designed games. Thus the operator can get a very cost effective cabinet together with state-of-the-art brand new game content.
On the other hand, the Coolfire II games portfolio continues to grow quickly. The range of multi-games is beyond 40 mixes now with up to 27 games per mix and from 5 to 40 lines offering multi-denomination and multi-language options. These can also be connected to a Flexi Link jackpot installation, an innovative mystery progressive four-level jackpot, but also a brand-new community jackpot using two-levels for a new concept in both existing and new jackpot installations. When a guest wins the main jackpot, up to four other players at this installation can also win a community shared prize.

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