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September 20, 2021

Interview to Craig Stapleton, Product Director at Innocore

Innocore exhibited its whole range of developments at IGE 2010

(UK).- Innocore showcased its developments at recent IGE event in London. Its Product Director Craig Stapleton granted an interview to at its booth and commented the features of the products presented. He also talked about the latest edition of the show and about the new deals of the company and its future plans.


t IGE, Innocore introduced a new feature of its DPX-S410 system. What can you tell me about it and how was it received by visitors?
Innocore always offers our customers the greatest range of price, performance and configurability in our products. At IGE, we were demonstrating a new feature of the DPX-S410 and DPX-EFT systems, which allows the gaming machine OEM to include three or four high resolution monitors and to display on each screen independent full motion, full colour images. The DPX-S410 is a notably high performance gaming platform that is now available equipped with two independent GPUs each with two display pipelines providing two outputs each. The typical configuration provides two analogue VGA outputs and one digital DVI. A fourth screen can be added via an on board LVDS connector port. The DPX-S410 and high performance PCI-Express x16 hardware are supported by the silicon manufacturers and Innocore for a minimum 5 years of production life. This makes the DPX-S410 multiple screen solution the perfect choice for the next generation of video slot machine.

Which other developments did the company exhibit at London IGE?
The  new intelligent gaming reel controller modules (DPX-IRC Series)  were on show at IGE both on Innocore's stand and on Gamesman's stand.  These products are ideal for use with Innocore gaming platforms to add an exciting mechanical reel dimension to the gaming machine. The IRC products provide a reliable means of controlling up to 6 mechanical reels from a single USB interface. IRC supports all major reel types. Multiple reel types can be used in a single installation. The first model available is a unipolar, single color, three lamp  illumination model and future models are in development for bipolar reels and RGB LED illumination. A metal case is also available.

The software provided with the reel controllers is a robust driver/API that provides support for many advanced reel functions such as bi-directional spin, spin to symbol and spin to step position, continuous spin mode, low power hold (chopping) mode, dynamically variable spin speed, tamper detect and error reporting. It reports all start, stop and stopped events to enable acccurate synchronisation with other game content and audio.

We also were showing a range of  new long lifecycle graphics cards.  Innocore has partnered with S3 Graphics to meet the requirements in gaming for high performance graphics but with production lifespans longer than that of typical commercially available graphics cards.  The cards are available for a minimum of 5 years and offer state of the art performance with features like Direct X 10.1, open GL  2 .1 and advanced video playback acceleration, the cards meet the performance needs of today's latest electronic gaming machine.
How did you see the show? How was the experience for Innocore?
We found the show to be a great success. The general foot traffic seemed lower than prior years which was probably attributable to the other gaming industry show (EAG) that was run concurrently also in London. But we had a high quality of enquiries and almost all the meetings we wanted were achieved and some very encouraging new prospects and projects were advanced.
During the last weeks, Innocore announced new agreements with different players of the industry (Alfastreet, GoPlay, etc.) What represents this deals for the company?
Yes Alfastreet, Go Play, VGT,  Palese, and several other well respected and sizable companies in gaming have over the last few months chosen to use our products . Those companies are also past initial evaluation and  development  phases  now  and  moving ahead towards mass production. There will be more announcements over the coming weeks!

It has been a key strategy of ours over the last few years to grow by putting down roots in as many different market segments of gaming as we can. Geographical diversification while still maintaining a core focus on the gaming industry. We now have the largest network of sales and support  staff all over the world and that strategy is paying off as we can use our expertise in gaming across the world. 
How is the company planning 2010 in terms of new developments and markets to focus in?
We have a number of exciting new products in the works. Both standard products and custom projects for individual customers. The standard products will follow our long standing roadmap and continue our  track record of producing high quality products designed to be compatible across each successive generation.  So customers can expect new products based on the latest technology that will allow them to easily migrate without rewriting their games. We expect our products for Italy to continue to grow as many customers obtain the regulatory approvals for their end products and move to mass production. 

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