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August 02, 2021

Statements by Marko Javornik, Delivery Director of Hermes Lab at IGE 2010

“We always try to find solutions for our customers”

(UK).- Hermes Lab participated at last week’s IGE event. Marko Javornik, Delivery Director of the company, talked to at its booth at Earls Court. There, he talked about the services that the lab brings, the feedback received by visitors and the markets in which it operates.


hat are you showing here in IGE?
We are an IT solutions company, and here we show the solutions we provide for both land based and online casinos. In particular, here we have a couple of Building Blocks that enable solutions. For land based this is G2S, which enables server based gaming, and for online we have basically online servers that allows people to set up a platform for online casinos or other online games actually.
Which was the feedback you received from the visitors?
Well, we are a solution service company, and we found that casino operators appreciate our hability to discuss about their particular problems and not just offer products to fit in their environments. We discuss openly about their problems and try to find solutions for the existing things.

We’ve got several good contacts in this area; several opportunities, and we are very positive that we will do some good business, just as we did in the two previous IGE editions. This is our third time here in London. Every time we come here, we have a bigger booth, more people, because it is the most important gaming event for us. It is also very efficient in terms of getting new business here, because potential customers come here and discuss openly about their problems, and we are able basically to find solutions for them and close the business. This year, I am very positive to get a couple of new customers out of this exhibition.

Nowadays, which is the most important market in Europe?
In terms of geography, UK is the number one, and then come Austria and Germany. And now we are also entering fast in Italy. For us, first comes Europe and then US.

What about Latin America?
We are looking at Latin America, especially where we have some links for the G2S/S2S Building Blocks, but in terms of solutions, we are not attacking it agressively yet. I think that we will probably do it in 2011 or 2012.

Are you planning to go to another exhibition?
Definitely. We attend to all major events. Maybe not with a booth, but we put a couple of people to go there. For example, Las Vegas for sure, Barcelona, last year we went to Mexico and we also attended some events in Germany. There are many other events that we attend, but this is actually the main show for us.

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