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June 21, 2021

Sports corruption from gambling influences is overstated

Online gambling not responsible for funding Sports, says RGA

(UK).- A study by the Remote Gaming Association found that sports has no need of funding from online gambling operators to fight corruption.The RGA released a 170-page report containing the results of a study on the relationship between online gambling, sports and corruption.


ccording to the report, sports corruption from gambling influences is overstated, with other threats to integrity having equal or greater danger.

The RGA also asserts that seeking to force betting operators to fund sporting operations is asking a highly-taxed industry to support wealthy causes. Clive Hawkswood, head of the RGA, said in a press release that the gambling industry already contributes $4.75 billion each year to European Union sports.

"In fact is it something of an irony that this figure would be even higher if so many EU Member States had not decided to ban advertising and sponsorship by private sector gambling operators," stated Hawkswood.

The RGA study also notes state support for sports that include preferential tax treatment, almost the opposite of what gaming industry members receive.

The report seems most concerned with gaming representatives being disregarded in the blooming discussion over sports, betting, and online gambling. Speaking of forums and politicians conducting public debate on the issue, the RGA press release said that "whilst engaging with the sporting movement, they have not engaged with the licensed gambling industry to any meaningful degree, and as such those policymakers are in danger of producing unilateral and flawed policy decisions in this area."

Hawkswood and the RGA say the report uses facts and statistics to back their points, and asks that lawmakers consider actual evidence in making decisions, rather than allow rhetoric to rule on the future relationship between sports and online gambling.

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